1 Year Ed Visa: Hand to Hand Combat

1 Year Ed Visa: Hand to Hand Combat

1 Year Ed Visa: Hand to Hand Combat 1920 1080 Paul Eckerman

How To Get a 12 Month Education Visa Without Studying Thai

Digital Nomads, Expats and Visitors that want to stay and live in Chiang Mai for 12 Months without having to learn Thai!

It happens all the time. People come to visit Chiang Mai, fall in love with the place, then want to stay much longer than first anticipated.

Not long ago you could get a 12-month Education Visa to “study” the Thai language which included an exemption from the 90-day reporting to immigration. How quickly things change. Not only has length of stay for this visa been slashed to 6 months, Thai Immigration now wants to see you every 90 days for that legendary reporting process that takes 3-5 hours and can add years to your life. If that wasn’t bad enough, Immigration is actually now spot testing Thai language proficiency and rejecting visa extensions for those who fail. To top it all off, class times have also increased.

So where does this leave you if you want to stay as a Digital Nomad serving your clients from afar or as a semi-retired individual not old (or rich) enough to qualify for a Retirement Visa.

What if I were to Tell You There is a Way?

What if you could obtain a 1 year ED Visa without learning Thai or having to attend as much school time? You can get the one year visa for a total cost of 35,000 baht. No more hassle waiting 5 hours at Immigration every 90 days for your Education Visa. No need to spend hours a week studying to ensure you pass the Immigration spot tests. And a whole year not just the new 6 months on the typical Thai Language ED Visa

The school will arrange to take you to Immigration (they queue in the morning and call you in) and make sure everything goes well.


Your trainers are Military Police!  It’s not Immigration you have to worry about—it is the Army. Imagine having connections with the people who can really help you?

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Here is the short and sweet of the 1 year ED Visa

bullet-greenED Visa for 12 Months
bullet-greenHand to Hand and Body Guard Training
bullet-greenNo More Immigration Problems

bullet-greenNo More Study of Thai Language
bullet-greenOnly 35,000 Baht

bullet-greenThai Military Police
bullet-greenTrainer is a VIP Bodyguard in Chiang Mai
bullet-greenSchool arranges all Immigration Visits and 90-Day Reporting
bullet-greenLow Commitment of Time Compared to ED Visa
(Learning Thai)
bullet-greenAmazing Contacts in the Military Police
bullet-greenLearn a Skill that will Benefit you the Rest of your Life


You get to Stay 12 Months in Thailand!

PLUS – You get to make a friend of a high-ranking official of the Military Police

How to get a Self Defense Hand-to-Hand Combat Visa and Live in Chiang Mai for One Year

This is a self defense training school that is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.  You are learning self defense and combat which does not require a high level of personal fitness.  Not only that, this is cool stuff. You learn to take care of yourself and how to defend yourself.

Thai Ed Visa Combat School

If you are traveling the world you should
be able to take care of your personal safety.


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