Thai 1 Year Non O Volunteer Visa

Thai 1 Year Non O Volunteer Visa

Thai 1 Year Non O Volunteer Visa 1497 558 Paul Eckerman

How to get a 1 year Non O Volunteer Visa/Work Permit.

Digital Nomads, Expats and Visitors that want to stay and live in Chiang Mai for 12 Months!

If you have decided that Chiang Mai is the place for you and you would like to stay longer, you want to know what are the best Visa options to accomplish this.  Until recently you could get an ED Visa and learn Thai Language, and stay for a year – but now Immigration want to see you every 90 days and the reporting process takes 3-5 hours.  Worse, they now are actually testing your Thai language skills and rejecting your Visa if you fail.

But what if you want to stay here, either as a Digital Nomad to work on your own business, or as a longer term semi retirement and you are not old enough (or have sufficient savings) to qualify for a Retirement Visa?

What if I was to tell you there is a way? 

What if you could obtain (for around the same price as a 6 month education Visa), 1 year Non O Volunteer Visa and a Thai Work Permit?  You can get the one year visa and work permit for a year for a total cost of 35,000 baht.  No more hassle waiting 5 hours at immigration every 90 days for your Education Visa. No need to spend hours a week studying to ensure you pass the Immigration spot tests. And a whole year not just the new 6 months on the Ed Visa

Get 12-18 Months Non O Visa and make these Kids Happy!

Get 12 Months Non O Visa and make these Kids Happy!

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Here is the short and sweet of the 1 year Non O Volunteer Visa and a Thai Work Permit

bullet-greenNon O Volunteer Visa for 12-18 Months
bullet-greenWork Permit for Volunteer
bullet-greenNo More Immigration Problems

bullet-greenNo More Study of Thai Language
bullet-greenOnly 35,000 Baht

bullet-greenNon Profit Organization

bullet-greenCan renew following year without leaving Thailand
bullet-greenCan exit the country multiple times (With Entry Visa)
bullet-greenLow Commitment Time as a Volunteer compared to Language ED Visa


You get to Stay 12 Months in Thailand!

PLUS – You get to give back to those who are not as fortunate

How to get a Volunteer Visa and Thai Work Permit and Live in Chiang Mai for One Year

This is a Visa and Work permit for Non Profit Organization. You will be required to engage in volunteer activities with the charity (primarily assisting disadvantaged children).  This will be in the form of

Volunteer work for the charity: 

* Cooking and preparing food
* Delivery and serving food packages in local schools and Hill-Tribe communities
* Planting Trees in Villages
* Teaching English to Children
* Many other types of work

Procedure to Apply

1) Ask Questions with Email or make a 15 Min Appointment to Discuss in our Office.

2) Send in or Bring in this Completed Form.


We will forward your details to the Non Profit Organization who will conduct the necessary security checks with both local police and from your home State or Country.

If Accepted  to Continue ….

3) Bring your passport into Guroo Asia (we need copies), the 35,000 Baht Processing Fee and 12 photos size 6 x 4 cm and 12 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm and 3 Work Permit Photos 3 x 4 cm.  Please be sure that the photos have a white background and that the work permit photos are obtained from a proper photography store using real photographic paper. The other photos can be obtained from any shop printing photos on a printer.

4) We will send your application out for processing.  (We can schedule an Appointment with the Head of the NPO, and Visa services if you require to satisfy your questions)

5) In 2-3 Days your documentation to apply for a Non O Visa will be ready (Pick up from Guroo Asia)

6) Do Visa trip to Laos (or Embassy of your choice – so long as we know), handing in your Visa Application at Thai Embassy (takes 2-3 days)

7) You will now have a 90 day Non O Visa

Come Back to Thailand

8) Obtain Medical Cert for Work Permit (Includes test for syphilis) 250-360 Baht from a Hospital (Not Medical Clinic)

9) Details of your Address, copies of Degrees (and address of the School) and/or Resume (CV) will then need to be provided

10) After a few days you will be taken to the Ministry of Employment and issued a letter granting permission to extend your visa one year and a work permit

11) Extend your Visa for 12-18 months (This depends on the Immigration Officer on any one day)

You can renew visa and work permit for the following year (no need to leave Thailand again) and leave the country multiple times with a Multi Entry Visa (additional cost)


1) Having all of the required documentation before you leave to obtain your Visa is preferred.
2) Please be sure that the photos have a white background and that the work permit photos are obtained from a proper photography store using real photographic paper. Photos printed with blue background and work permit photos printed on on standard consumer paper will be rejected.


What is Included

The processing fee includes

1) The Non Profit preparing the documentation inviting you to Apply (required for the Non O Visa)
2) Processing of documentation every 3 months to extend your Visa
3) Processing of the Work Permit Documents
4) Taking you out to collect your Work Permit
5) All fee associated for the year for processing

What you will have to do

1) Go to a Thai Embassy of your Choice
2) Go to Immigration to process the Visa Extension (documents provided)
3) 90 Day Reporting
4) Provide your own resources for living in Thailand
5) Remain or return to Chiang Mai for Immigration Visits and Volunteer requirements


Benefits of a Non O Visa and Work Permit

For the average Digital Nomad, or short time visitor to Chiang Mai, a tourist Visa is all that is required.  But for those who desire to stay longer, there are so many more benefits to having a legal backing and permission to live (and work) in Thailand. While some of the following are possible on a Tourist Visa, most are not.  Once you have a Non O Visa and Work Permit, you can

bullet-greenOpen a Bank Account
bullet-greenPurchase and Sell Vehicles
bullet-greenNo More waiting at Immigration

bullet-greenNo More Visa Runs or Boarder Crossings
bullet-greenNo More Residency Certificates Required

bullet-greenDiscounts to Government Parks and Attractions
bullet-greenCan WORK Legally (as a Volunteer)
bullet-greenOpen a trading account with a broker
bullet-greenCan get a Thai Credit Card
bullet-greenSpouse can obtain a Non – O visa

Easier to send money out of the country

bullet-greenThai Social Security system – Full health care coverage
bullet-greenGet a Thai driving license
bullet-greenSend your kids to a Thai public school at low cost

bullet-greenImproved status of stay in the Kingdom (can stay forever)
Get a mobile phone contract easier
bullet-greenHire Purchase and Monthly Installments on Purchases
bullet-greenGet Thai rather than Farang Prices
bullet-greenAirport Thai passport holders desk Check In
bullet-greenPeace of Mind with Thai Authorities 


Obligations to the Non Profit Organization

volunteer visa

You are applying to be a Volunteer, and as such you will be obligated to do charity work.  Every 90 days the Charity is obligated to send evidence of you being a volunteer.  If you do not volunteer your time then your Visa will be cancelled.  While we offer assistance to a few non profits, the most popular is the a foundation who works with disadvantaged children.  You will be contacted during your stay here about the various activities you have been selected to participate in, and you will be obligated to find your way to this activity.  Usually within 10-15 kilometers of the city of Chiang Mai.

1. Feed School Children  Free lunch is provided to school children. You will go to the school with the NPO and help hand out pre-made lunches.

2. Second hand for Children You can made donations of used property which will be collected and donated to Children in the Mountain and rural areas.  You will help transport and distribute these items

3. Book/Pen/Pencil anything for study!  The NPO provides educational materials to students.  You can donate and hand out some stationary.
4. Teaching English.  Every now and again you will be obligated for half a day (or longer if you wish) to play games that help Thai Children learn English skills


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