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It’s the Little Things that Count

At Guroo Asia, not only do we provide our standard services, we also offer support solving all kinds of problems that help make life easier. Sometimes it’s a simple thing that makes your day. Other times it’s a spectacular thing our clients cherish for a lifetime.

Sak Yant Tattoo for a Womansak yan tattoo

The Sak Yant is a sacred tattoo performed by Monks and is believed to be magic and bestow mystical powers, protection, or good luck. Done with long metal needles, this type of traditional tattoo done authentically is difficult to find. Many people have to resort to going to a normal tattoo artist which is, of course, a weak facsimile of the proper ceremony. More difficult is the fact that Monks are not allowed to touch women, so Guroo Asia being able to find this for our female clients was a major accomplishment.

The Monk had to make special arrangements to not touch our client directly and does not want his identity shown or displayed so we have honored and respected his wishes.

Residency Certificate & Driver License

While a relatively simply thing to do, getting your residency certificate from one part of town and then going to another for your driver license is a time-consuming process. Complicated when you do not understand Thai, nor have any idea of what is going on, the endless “go to this counter sit down and wait, go to the next counter” can be a little stressful.

Take a Thai person with you, to help you through every step and process, deal with anything that happens that is not expected and just reassure you they have not forgotten you.

Hospital service in Chiang MaiArrange Cheaper Emergency Service

Any emergency is a scary experience, but imagine if neither you or the person you love is able to speak Thai. You can quickly and easily find yourself  been taken to the most expensive hospital and charged ‘foreigner pricing’ for treatment. At Guroo Asia, we have communicated to the ambulance service which hospital to take our customers to, and spoken to the medical team about what is appropriate treatment and charges.

While we are not trained medical professionals, common sense applies, and the ability to communicate that you can stick around and sort out any over charges makes things happen quickly.

Police Traffic StopTraffic Enforcement Assistance

It does not happen often, but there are times when none of the Police who have stopped you speak English well (or not at this time). When you are surrounded by many Police all talking at the same time a call to Guroo Asia lets the police know you have a local who knows the correct way to go about things.

Should the charges be significant, we have access to English speaking criminal lawyers who will represent you in court. There is nothing worse than sitting in jail, not understanding what is happening to you and no one caring to explain.


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