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Chiang Mai Complete Arrival Service

Arrive in Chiang Mai with Superstar Treatment

Imagine arriving in Chiang Mai, Thailand after your long flight knowing for certain that all your basic setup needs have been properly taken care. With Guroo Asia’s complete arrival service, we do our very best to deliver the most welcoming experience possible to our clients.

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Please Note

  • For accommodation bookings during high season (November 15 to March 1), Guroo Asia requires minimum 7 days to best match your specific needs with available accommodations. During low season (March 1 to November 14), 48 hours lead time is ample. Due to limited vacancy during high season and hotel popularity, choice of accommodation selected is not guaranteed until confirmation made by Guroo Asia.
  • When booking online with less than 10 days notice, payment must be made by bank transfer rather than PayPal (select “Bank Transfer” at time of booking).
  • A legible scan or photo of the photo page of your passport must be sent to in conjunction with completion of the online booking process.
  • Motorbikes are monthly rental only. When taking possession you will be required to sign the motorbike rental agreement and provide the standard 1000 BHT security deposit.

Service Overview

  • Pickup service at CNX airport, train or bus station
  • Accommodation booking
  • Book car or motorbike (pick-up at Guroo Asia office)
  • Transport to your new home
  • Provide SIM card
  • No fuss, no stress only 1500 BHT (US$42)

Airport Pickup

Guroo Asia will be waiting at your arrival gate holding a sign with your name on it then take you and your bags directly to your new home or our office to pickup your vehicle (car only). No need to worry about navigating directional signage you you don’t understand or trying explain to a Thai-speaking cabbie how to get to some place you’ve never been.


Each apartment complex recommended by Guroo Asia has been vetted by our staff using an extensive checklist specific for longer-term accommodation in Chiang Mai. We know from our experience what qualities and services make for a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both the younger and older person.

Guroo Asia helps you make the best accommodation choice in the proper location that provides the key and essential services you desire. We guarantee that when you book your residence with us you will get the best price possible.

Car or Motorbike Reservation

If desired, we will arrange a vehicle for you and complete all contracts on your behalf. You can pick-up your car or motorbike at our office, or for a nominal fee (200 BHT), we’ll deliver it to you place of residence (price conditional on location).

SIM Card

Provide your model of phone at time of booking and we will have a SIM card ready that will give you 100 minutes of talk time and 20MB of data. This should hold you over until you visit any True Cellular location to select the plan you suits your needs.

Peace of Mind at an Unbeatable Price


Avoid Common Problems Faced by
New Arrivals with the Guroo Asia
Complete Arrival Service

Chiang Mai Thailand Airport Pickup


Why Our Service is the BEST

Get the Right Accommodation at Discount Prices

You gain from our expertise since we have taken the guess work out of searching online for accommodation in Chiang Mai. You will find items listed in our accommodation listings that you would have never thought of and will never find on any major website. We do not rely on the complex owners or short term tourists feedback since those reports do not reflect the things that you are interested in and require.

We can guarantee that our prices are less than Agoda or the apartment complexes own website, because they price at the daily rate multiplied by the number of days you book. We have the local walk in prices negotiated for longer term stays.

To book discounted accommodation in Chiang Mai go here

Car or Motorbike Hire

Freedom comes from the ability to travel and get around. With so much to see and do in Chiang Mai, having transport (or knowledge of the transport system) is essential. Guroo Asia offers a selection of motorbikes and cars from business’s that are either owned or known and trusted by Westerners. The types of motorbikes we offer are well maintained and suited for our larger bodies. Just being able to see behind you is a safety feature that is worth its weight in gold.

The security deposits required with our providers is lower, a photocopy of your passport rather than the actual passport is all that is required AND in the case of an accident you do not have to purchase the motorbike like you will with a Thai owned business. We can not over emphasize the importance of hiring a quality motorbike from a reputable company.  This is your life we are talking about here.

Chiang Mai buddy will in the case of your motorbike, have it ready and waiting for you at your new home.  Should you wish to have a car instead, you will be picked up in it at the airport or place of your arrival.  You would also be well advised to read the “How to ride a motorbike in Chiang Mai Thailand” article.

All Contract Completed

Filing in the lease or rental agreements is an essential part of settling down in a new place.  We will have these all ready and waiting for you. Just sign on the dotted line at the airport and we will take them back to the companies on your behalf. At the end of the rental period you can return the vehicle and pick up your deposit or re-lease for a longer period of time.

Airport, Bus or Train Station Pick Up

Your Guroo Asia will be there when you arrive. You will not have to wait around in any lines to find your own way to your new residence. Forget the stress of trying to follow the crowd, haggle for transport and wonder if you are being ripped off or take to the wrong location. You will be greeting with the world wide known Thai smile, from a person genuinely excited to see and welcome you to the city they call home.

You will then be taken directly to your new home, either by your own car, an air conditioned Taxi—or for the brave of heart—start off your experience with a Tuk Tuk ride. Once at your new residence you will be introduced to the office staff, shown and given the keys to your motorbike and allowed to freshen up, or start to work on getting over your jet lag.

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