12 Month Hand-to-Hand Combat Education Visa

Hand-to-Hand Combat Education Visa

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Speedy Appointment Tips

  • Book an appointment at our office (mandatory)
  • Complete and bring Customer Information form
  • Bring your original passport (with departure card)
  • Bring photocopy of all stamped pages in your passport (each page must be signed)
  • 2 passport photos (1.5” x 1.5”)
  • Bring payment (35,000 THB cash only for non-members)

Open to All Ages and Fitness Levels

Thai Ed Visa Combat SchoolOur 12 month Hand-to-Hand Combat Education Visa is the only program of its kind offered in Thailand. Run by Thai Military Police instructors, this immigration-approved school is specifically designed for all ages and fitness levels.

It’s not immigration you need worry about—it’s the army! During your time at the school you will develop interesting and lasting relationships with army trainers who will really help you be all that you can be.

Think about it. No more hassle waiting 5 hours at immigration every 90 days for your Education Visa. No need to spend hours a week studying to ensure you pass the Immigration spot tests. And a whole year not just the new 6 months on the regular Thai Language Education Visa. Plus you get to fire guns.


  • Ed Visa for 12 Months
  • Hand to Hand and self-defence Training
  • No More Immigration Problems
  • No More Study of Thai Language
  • Thai Military Police Instructors
  • Trainer is a VIP Bodyguard in Chiang Mai
  • School arranges all Immigration Visits & 90 Day Reporting
  • Low Commitment of time compared to regular (language) ED Visa
  • Amazing contacts in the Military Police
  • Learn skills that will benefit you the rest of your life
  • Only 35,000 Baht

Course Requirements

  • Classes are 2 hours Saturday and Sunday at 3.00pm-5.00pm
  • Attend as many classes as you wish
  • Flexibility of attendance if you need to travel, etc.
  • The school will arrange to take you to Immigration for 90 day reporting (they queue in the morning and call you in) and make sure everything goes quickly and smoothly).

Visa Benefits

For the average Digital Nomad, or short time visitor to Chiang Mai, a tourist Visa is all that is required. But for those who desire to stay longer, there are so many more benefits to having a legal backing and permission to live in Thailand. While some of the following are possible on a Tourist Visa, most are not. Once you have a Ed Visa, you can:

  • Open a Bank Account
  • Purchase and Sell Vehicles
  • No More waiting at Immigration
  • No More Visa Runs or Boarder Crossings
  • Discounts to Government Parks and Attractions
  • Open a trading account with a broker
  • Thai Social Security system – Full health care coverage
  • Get a Thai driving license
  • Get a mobile phone contract easier
  • Get Thai rather than Farang Prices
  • Peace of Mind with Thai Authorities

Application Procedure

  1. Make an appointment to discuss the hand-to-hand combat school at our office (appointment fee will be credited at purchase).
  2. Bring in this completed Customer Information Form. We will forward your details to the combat school.
  3. Bring your passport into Guroo Asia (we need copies), the 33,000 BHT processing fee and 2 passport photos.
  4. We will send your application out for processing.
  5. In about 2 weeks your documentation to apply for a Ed Visa will be ready (pick up from Guroo Asia office).
  6. Do a visa run to Laos (or embassy of your choice, so long as we know), handing in your Visa Application at Thai Embassy (takes 2-3 days)
  7. You will now have a 90 day Ed Visa.
  8. Come Back to Thailand.
  9. The school will take care of everything else including extending the visa to full 12 months.

Included in Your Visa Fee

The processing fee includes

  1. The Combat school will take care of all your paper work.
  2. 90 day reporting
  3. All hand-to-hand combat school tuition fees fees

Benefits of the Hand-to-Hand Combat School

You are applying to be educated in Hand to Hand Combat and Self Defense.  Every 90 days the school is obligated to send evidence of you being a student. The school will call you and assist in attending classes as is required.

1. Total Support. Your 90 day reporting and Visa extension is taken care of the same day.
2. Friends you can count on. The more you attend class, the friendly you get with people who can really help and assist you during difficult times
3. Learn to defend yourself. This is an amazing school.  Highly trained teachers who are serious and dedicated to teaching you how to survive in real combat.
4. Did we mention Military Police? Not only highly trained and well versed in teaching you how to defend yourself in any situation.  These guys (your new teachers and friends) are connected and know just about anybody and everybody who counts. Enhancement of your security is Guaranteed—any issue or problems you might have in Thailand—your new instructor friends might be able to help!

Ed Visa Hand to Hand Combat

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