Guroo Asia CRM System

A Smarter Way to Work With Our Customers


3272Most visa application and service solutions have many of moving parts. There are things we need from you and others that help us accomplish what you need.

To help us all work smarter together, Guroo Asia uses Solve360, a smartphone-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) tool that guides you through each step of the process with simple-to-use, interactive tools that help organize:

  • scheduling of all meetings required for your visa solution scenario
  • documentation you must bring for your initial appointment
  • all required forms and supplementary documentation associated with your service request
  • scheduling assisted trips to immigration (or trips Guroo Asia needs to do on its own)
  • potential supplementary documentation from your embassy or financial institution
  • required medical or residency certificates
  • passport photo numbers and sizes
  • trip planning for visas requiring an application stage from outside Thailand