Gyms and Fitness Centers in Chiang Mai

Gyms and Fitness Centers in Chiang Mai

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Gyms and Fitness Centers in Chiang Mai

There are a wide range of Gyms and Fitness Centers in Chiang Mai, and like in any city or country around the world, come in the basic grunt and sweat cheaper facilities to the more plush and stylish places that offer you a personal trainer while you work out. Thailand is of course famous for Muay Thai, and Chiang Mai has a few training camps, along with specialized weight loss boot camps, X-training facilities, gyms and parks with exercise circuits. Following are the major gyms in the Nimman area of Chiang Mai

Map of Gyms and Fitness in Nimmanhaemin area Chiang Mai

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Go Gym Fitness Center

Kuang Sing (Gad estate gold), Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000.
Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 11:59 pm

Go Gym Chiang Mai

  • 60 Baht per Time
  • 900 Baht per Month
  • 2,000 Baht 3 Months
  • 3,500 Baht for 6 Months
  • 5,900 Baht per Year

Go Gym opened 2014 and has rapidly become the number one choice for many Thai and Farangs alike.  Located just off the Super Highway, Go Gym is a massive open shed that houses a huge variety of machine, free weights, a Kickboxing ring, kick bags and has regular seminars and training events.

Go Gym boosts many competitive bodybuilders who work out here, and have a good variety of protein based snacks (and traveling motorcycle food carts outside).  This is a Gym for the serious fitness buff, there is not much in the way of luxuries, just a good plain and simply work out.

Having a large shed structure Go Gym offers some interesting fitness options like hoops and silk facilities as well as the type of body pump and aerobic classes common in my fitness centers

Go Gym Chiang Mai


Powerhouse Gym Fitness Center

Soi 6, Nimmanhemin Road in Punna Place

powerhouse Gym Chiang Mai

  • 13,500 Baht per year (exercise allowed anytime)
  • 9,500 Baht per year (exercise allowed from 9am to 3pm)
  • 400 Baht per day
  • 2,500 Baht for a 10-visit coupon
  • No Swimming Pool

Powerhouse Gym is the only fitness center in the country operating under this popular US brand. As such it has pricing structure similar to an overseas gym providing a ‘time of day’ you workout, tier cost of membership. The gym is nice! With English speaking personal trainers and a full range of equipment, including cardio machines and free weights as well as onsite sauna room, stretching area and lockers.

Powerhouse’s has exercises classes such as Power Kick, Power Weight, Cycling, Aerobic Dancing and Introductory Aerobics classes. The gym also provides transfer of membership, free WiFi, accident insurance, food and sells merchandise. has free WiFi, complementary accident insurance and a store selling smoothie drinks, protein powder and gym apparel. It is found on . Rates are a bit more expensive than other gyms but this is reflected in the better quality facilities:


Strong Gym (formally Kawee Power Zone)

3th Floor Kad Suan Kaew Mall, Huay Kaew Road

Strong Gym Chiang Mai

  • Daily: 50 Baht
  • Coupon: 350 Baht (10 visits in 20 days)
  • 1 month: 800 Baht
  • 3 months: 1,699 Baht
  • 6 months: 2,999 Baht
  • 1 year: 4,999 Baht

Strong Gym is a recent makeover of Kawee Power Zone has been operating for over 6 years on the 3rd floor of Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre. Strong gym is a cheap and satisfactory place to work out. The machines are old and it is the sort of place you would expect to see the more hard core bodybuilder (and less ego centric fitness fanatic). The selection of exercise machines and free weights here is more than satisfactory, and includes treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. There are also lockers and a changing room onsite. Members can can bring their own personal trainers for no extra cost, work with their own personal trainer if they wish. The Lotus Pang Suon Kaew Hotel’s swimming pool (part of Harris Gym below) is also available with an entrance fee of 100 Baht.

Strong Gym will be getting new equipment end of March early April 2015 and prices will change

  • Daily: 70 Baht
  • Coupon: 350 Baht (10 visits in 20 days)
  • 1 month: 990 Baht
  • 3 months: 1,990 Baht
  • 6 months: 3,599 Baht
  • 1 year: 5,500 Baht


Harris Gym & Fitness Center

6th Floor Lotus Hotel, Huay Kaew


  • 200 Baht Daily
  • 600 Baht Weekly
  • 1,250 Baht Monthly
  • 3,600 Baht 3 Months
  • 7,000 Baht 6 Months
  • 13,000 Baht one Year (with Pool)
  • 11,000 Baht Year (without Pool)

Harris Gym Chiang Mai PoolHarris Fitness Center is located close to Power Gym in the Lotus Hotel on the 6th floor and is a small but modern gym with new machines and weights. Better yet you have access to the full sized swimming pool (which makes a huge difference after your workout). The Staff speak English, and are available for assistance if required. Like most gyms in Chiang Mai you pay your fees and work out, there is no high pressure to join and stay longer or sign up for special promotions.

Harris has the basics, plus some nice machines and provides group exercise including Ab workouts, Kick boxing, Aerobics, Jazz Dance, Yoga and Hip Hop classes.

Fitness Thailand

7-8th floor 29 Icon square parking building)

Fitness Thailand Chiang Mai

  • 1,700 Baht 1 Month
  • 4,500 Baht 3 Months
  • 7,000 Baht 6 Months per day
  • 9,500 Baht 1 Year
  • No Swimming Pool

Fitness Thailand has recently opened and contains the latest modern exercise equipment with what they claim is a world class fitness area (and they are right). Four aerobic studios with panoramic views of the City including an indoor cycling studio that has 80 different aerobic classes per week. Fitness Thailand has the latest and a huge range of exercise machines and free weights and group exercise classes including Yoga, Power Yoga, Hip hop Dance, Step Class, Body Combat, Body Pump, and Step Aerobics.

Brand new changing rooms that include dry sauna and steam room. Free lockers, and a Health and juice bar for a snack and refreshment after your work out.


Hillside Gym Fitness Center

Inside Hillside Condo, 24/50 Huay Kaew Road

Hillside Fitness Chiang Mai

  • 100 Baht Single Visit
  • 1,000 Baht 1 Month
  • 2,500 Baht 3 Months
  • 3,500 Baht 6 Months
  • 5,900 Baht One Year
  • Group Exercise 60 Baht or 500 Baht 10 Times
  • Swimming Pool

hillside fitness chiang mai poolHillside Fitness center is located on the lobby floor of Hillside 4 condo and is a semi large and old gym. It has a wide range of exercise machines, free weights including squat racks, table tennis and a fantastic pool. Hillside Fitness is cheap and basic, it takes time to repair broken equipment and many of the clients are expats who are living at the complex.

Hillside has a small private exercise class where they do Yoga, and the room can be used by members. Parking in the garage available for 20 baht per motorcycle but (as with so many parking attendants) if you take the time to talk to them a few times they sometimes forget to charge you.

Touch Gym & Fitness Center

5th Floor Maya Shopping Mall

touch fitness chiang mai

  • 1,500 Baht Daily
  • 6,499 1 Month
  • 11,499 3 Months
  • 20,499 Baht 6 Months
  • 29,999 Baht 1 Year
  • No Swimming Pool

touch gym class chiang maiTouch Gym and Fitness in the Maya Mall Chiang Mai has recently opened and is based on western styled gyms (with western pricing). Touch gym has a time tier pricing system and charges 1,500 baht processing fee. and offers full membership and slightly less if you wish to go in the mornings or just 3 days a week.

Beautiful and modern equipment, with beautiful and modern people. Personal trainers are available for hire (5 times 6,750 baht). Locker rooms are like a spa with dry and wet sauna, free towels and Touch boast its suspended training system.

Touch Fitness is a modern and spa like gym fill of successful and pretty people. It has many aerobic and exercise classes and full assessments of fitness available.


CrossFit Gym & Fitness Center

48/1 Chiang Mai-Lampang Road (Superhighway)

Crossfit Chiang Mai

  • 2,700 Baht Month
  • 7,500 Baht 3 Months

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is rapidly gaining a huge world wide following for its intense workouts and fast results. Working with a personal trainer in a group setting allows you to progress quickly towards your goals — as an athlete or just in life.

CrossFit Chiang Mai is the first CrossFit affiliate in Thailand. They focus on nutrition, strength and conditioning as three important components of fitness. Workouts are scaled for each individual athlete’s level of strength and fitness, pre-existing injuries or other special concerns. Workouts include a mix of running, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning and other activities.

CrossFit Chiang Mai is partnered with the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI), an expedition based experiential learning program focused on culture and ecology (see for more). ISDSI students do CrossFit as a part of their semester in Thailand, and ISDSI instructors do CrossFit and help lead classes at CrossFit Chiang Mai.