How to do 90 Day Visa Reporting in Thailand

How to do 90 Day Visa Reporting in Thailand

How to do 90 Day Visa Reporting in Thailand 538 218 Paul Eckerman

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How to do 90 Day Visa Reporting in Thailand

Anyone who lives in Thailand for an extended period of time is all to familiar with the major inconvenience of having to visit the Immigration Office. Let’s not beat around the bush it is a major and royal “Pain in the Arse”

While the 90 day check in (properly called Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days) is one of the less time consuming processes compared to an 3 month Ed Visa check in; it never-the-less is not an enjoyable experience.  It is worth noting however that compared to other countries, the Immigration office in Thailand is fast, cheap and convenient.  All to often we forget that a Thai National trying to get a Visa to visit our countries involves much higher fees, much longer waits and non assurance the Visa will be issued once payment is accepted.



New Rules as of May 1st 2015

Immigration have changed the 90 day reporting for Non O Visa’s and Retirement Visa’s.  You now have to check in at your province Immigration center nearest to your registered address.  Immigration just tell you “We can not do here go to abc city”.  But if you take your lease or house papers in they will change your registered address.  Or we at Guroo Asia can arrange this for you


Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days

Procedure and notification

There are 4 ways you can apply for and obtain your 90 day check in documentation.

1) In Person: 

This is when you head down to the immigration office yourself. The first time you go it is usually a confusing and frustrating experience as you have no idea what is going on. Depending on the day and time you go (many head there before 6am to stand in line for the numbers.

2) Authorizes an Agent:

Usually after a persons first experience they decide this is not something that they enjoy and it is worth paying a Visa company money to do it on their behalf.  Fee’s vary around the country and seemingly at how much each business decide to charge.  Usually in the 1000-2000 Baht range.

3) By Registered Mail:

This is a little known secret, that is favored by those who have lived here long enough to know better than the average tourist.

4) Online:

Currently while this service is available, it is so unreliable and inconsistent (maybe 1 in 10 people can achieve online reporting). You need to have a web browser from several years back to bypass the security flaws in it.  Staff at Immigration will tell you it works, despite being told by many people a day it does not.

1) The notification must be made within 15 days before or after 7 days the period of 90 days expires.
2) The first application for extension of stay by the foreigner is equivalent to the notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days.

Guroo Asia

90 Day Reporting Service: 650 Baht

Let Guroo Asia do your 90 Day Report for you!
We will not do these for ‘brought’ Retirement Visa’s. At this present time Chiang Mai Immigration are checking anything they consider suspicious and better you go there to clear anything up.


90 Day Visa Notification Procedure: (In Person)

Many people will tell you to turn up early (6am) at the Immigration Office and wait for a number ticket.  The ticket will be issued around 7am and then office will open at 8.  Your ticket is the order at which you go to the counter and tell the Immigration department why you are there.  You will be given another ticket for that particular service.

A 90 day check in is a very simply and fast procedure.  Depending on when you go in and your luck it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours.  You can head to the Immigration office when you are ready.  Obviously the later in the morning and afternoon you go, the longer time you will wait. After any holidays where Immigration is closed you will wait longer.

(edit: Aug 2015)  The current situation in Chiang Mai (with the new office) is terrible.  While you used to be able to wait until the office opens, now it is highly recommended you go early and queue.  The office is handing out limited appointments each day (because they are slow) and you need to be there early to get an appointment.

Many people who turn up even an hour after the opening time are turned away and told to come back the next day.


Steps in The 90 Day Reporting Procedure:

You will need:

Filled out Notification of Staying Over 90 Days form (TM47) – see example below
Photocopy of your departure card (TM6) – see example below
Photocopy of previous 90 day reporting slip – see example below
Photocopy of the photograph page in your passport
Photocopy of your latest visa stamp

Step One:
Go to the Immigration Counter customer service window and tell them 90 Day Reporting.  They will issue you with a Ticket number and tell you an approximate wait time.

Step Two:
Sit and wait, if you have not already (silly you) fill in the TM47 form and sign each page of the photocopies.

Step Three:
When your number is called (10 minutes to a few hours), present the documents to the staff at the counter window. They will tell you to sit and wait again

Step Four:
After a period of time (about 10-15 minutes) your processed Passport will be available for pick up.  Your name will be called, and you are all done.


90 Day Visa Notification Procedure: (Registered Mail)

You will need to include the following items in a registered envelope including an addressed return envelope with a 10 baht stamp for your finished documents to be returned to you.

Photocopy of Passport pages with following pages

– front page showing Name / Surname / Passport No
– current visa
– last entry stamp of immigration
– last extension of visa

Photocopy of Departure Card TM.6

immigration departure card

Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if any)

Immigration receipt


Completely filled in and signed notification form TM.47

Note: If you are in Chiang Mai use form TM.47-CM

90 Day Reporting Thailand

Mailing Address:

Notify 90 Days
Chiang Mai Immigration
71 Moo 3 Amphoe Muang
Chiang Mai

Please Note: After you have mailed the documents:

  • Your registered mail must be sent to the Immigration office at least 15 days before the due date of notification.
  • Your new form will be stamped as of the expiration date of your old receipt.
  • Please keep your receipt of your registered mail in case of lost mail.
  • Your document can not be processed if you have passed the 90 days limit. (You must come to the nearest immigration office or Immigration Division 1 in person to pay fine 2,000 Baht)
  • Waiting for reply mail over 1 month, please contact Immigration Office with your registered mail receipt.
  • The notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days is in no way equivalent to a visa extension.
  • If a foreigner staying in the kingdom over 90 days without notifying the Immigration Bureau or notifying the Immigration Bureau later than the set period, a fine of 2,000.- Baht will be collected. If a foreigner who did not make the notification of staying over 90 days is arrested, he will be fined 4,000.- Baht.
  • If a foreigner leaves the country and re-enters, the day count starts at 1 in every case.


Guroo Asia

90 Day Reporting Service: 650 Baht

Let Guroo Asia do your 90 Day Report for you!
N.B. We will not do these for ‘brought’ Retirement Visa’s. At this present time Chiang Mai Immigration are checking anything they consider suspicious and better you go there to clear anything up.


Addresses of Immigration Offices around Thailand

The location and buildings of the various offices around Thailand are always changing.  Rather than provide outdated information I suggest you call the office at the location you are at, and get the address first hand. (or search the city immigration website

Chiamg Mai 90 Day ReportingChiang Mai Immigration Promenada (map)

Notify 90 Days (as of 20 July 2015)

Promenada Chiang Mai Immigration
192-193 Moo 2
Tumbon Tasala,
Amphur Muang
Chiang Mai


 Location Phone
 Aranyaprathet   0-3723-1131, 0-3723-2672
 Bangkok Harbour   0-2249-0806-7
 Bangkok Head office   0-2287-3101-10
 Betong   0-7323-1292, 0-7323-0026
 Bunkan   0-4249-1832, 0-4249-2016
 Chiang Khan   0-4282-1175
 Chiang Khong   0-5379-1332, 0-5379-1633
 Chiang Mai   0-5327-7510, 0-5328-2532
 Chiang Mai Airport   0-5327-7190, 0-5327-7180
 Chiang Saen   0-5377-7118, 0-5377-7303
 Don Muang Airport   0-2535-1111 ext. Immigration
 Fang   0-5345-3131
 Hat Yai   0-7424-3019
 Hat Yai Airport   0-7425-1096, 0-7422-7216
 Kan Tang   0-7525-1030
 Kanchanaburi   0-3451-3325
 Kap Chung   0-4455-9166
 Khemmarat   0-4549-1211
 Khlong Yai   0-3958-8108
 Khuan Don   0-7472-2731
 Kong Chaim   0-4535-1084
 Krabi   0-7561-1097
 Laem Ngop   0-3959-7261
 Mae Hong Son   0-5361-2106
 Mae Sai   0-5373-1008 ext. 11, 12
 Mae Sariang   0-5368-1339
 Maptaphut   0-3868-4544, 0-3868-3673
 Mukdahan   0-4261-1074
 Nahorn Phanom   0-4251-1235
 Nakhon Sri Thammarat   0-7532-4092
 Nan   0-5479-5009
 Nong Khai Head   0-4241-1605, 0-4242-0242
 Padang Besar   0-7452-1611, 0-7452-1020
 Pattani Harbour   0-7334-9302, 0-7334-9480
 Pattaya   0-3842-9409, 0-3841-0240
 Phangna   0-7641-2011
 Phiboonmangsahan   0-4544-1108, 0-4544-1988
 Phuket   0-7621-2108-10
 Phuket Airport   0-7632-7138, 0-7635-1107
 Pong Nam Ron   0-3938-7127
 Ranong   0-7782-1216
 Sadao   0-7430-1107, 0-7430-1401
 Samui   0-7742-1069
 Samut Prakan   0-2395-0029
 Samut Sakhorn   0-3482-0739
 Sangkraburi   0-3459-5335
 Satun   0-7471-1080
 Siracha   0-3831-2571
 Songkhla Harbour   0-7431-3480
 Sri Chang   0-3821-6215
 Suan Pluh, Div. 1   0-2281-5144
 Suan Pluh, Div. 2   0-2929-8706, 0-2535-425x
 Suan Pluh, Div. 3   0-2287-3903, 0-2287-3130
 Sungaikolok   0-7361-1231
 Surathani   0-7727-3217
 Tak   0-5553-1316, 0-5553-4844
 Tak Bai   0-7358-1239


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