How to get Residency Certificate in Chiang Mai

How to get Residency Certificate in Chiang Mai

How to get Residency Certificate in Chiang Mai 538 218 Paul Eckerman

How to get Residency Certificate in Chiang Mai

A residence certificate is a document made by immigration to certify where a foreigner lives. You can obtain this from your Embassy (if located in Chiang Mai, Bangkok or a larger city with a consulate)  but the cost is much higher (1700 Baht).  The immigration satellite office is supposed to issue these for free (and will do but it can take 2-8 weeks) or for a gift donation of 500 Baht it will be available the next day.

Getting your Residency Certificate is a straight forward and simply process.  The office is located about 10 kilometers outside of town and you have to go there twice. Once to drop off your application and the next day to collect it.

A Residency Certificate is good for 30 days after the date of it’s issue

The Immigration Satellite office, is located off the Super Hwy across from the Promenada Mall. Do NOT go to the Immigration office near the airport – they no longer process residency certificates. As of this time, the Immigration Department have not advised Google Maps of their location.  The exact location is listed on the map as the ‘Namber one garage’

Location of the Chiang Mai Immigration Department: Residency Certificates

The Building looks like this
Chiang Mai Residency Certificate Immigration









You will need to take:

1. Two (2) Color Photo’s 1.5 in x 2.36 in (4 cm x 6 cm)
2. Copy of Passport (1st Page; VISA Page; TM6). Bring your original Passport also.
3. Proof of Residence (Rental Contract or Yellow Residency Book or Letter from your Landlord)

Photocopiers and Photographs can be obtained at the office, as can the Thai Residency Certificate Form.  But it is better to be prepared and have these done.

Once you arrive you will take your completed documents to room 4, and will usually be asked if you want this the next day which will require a ‘gift fee’ of 500 baht.  While requesting this fee is illegal – just smile and hand over the money.  You will be told to come back the next day after 1pm.

If you are in no hurry for your certificate – the look on the Staff’s face when you tell them you will wait 2 (or 3 or 4 weeks) is priceless.  But when all said and done, you usually need your residency certificate in a hurry – so you pay the fine.

Want Help Getting Your Residency Certificate?

Guroo Asia will head down to the Residency Office (Twice) to get this application processed for you.

2000 BHT


The Next Day The next day after lunch (opens at 1pm) you want to go to the window at room 2 and show them your receipt and/or tell them your name.  Be patient and polite, you may see your application photograph being passed a few times as the staff look.  If you feel a little bit confident with your Thai language you can say “Ning Nai Krap/Ka” which means “There it is”.

Do not lean over the window or enter the room unless you are invited to do so.  If you see your photograph on the file and the immigration staff have gone past it – DO NOT put your hand in and point.  Thai manners are essential here, you will always smile and laugh and everything is your fault. – even them not finding what is plainly obvious to you

Collecting your residency certificate is a relativity easy process (the 2nd or 3rd time you do it). The first time like any Thai government department – it can be confusing.  If you do not speak Thai, try and take a Thai friend along with you.