Immediate Help in Chiang Mai

Urgent Hep in Chiang MaiImmediate Help in Chiang Mai Thailand

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Urgent and Immediate Assistance in Chiang Mai

“Just turn up, and look around – it’s easy”. OK so you took the advice on the blogs, forums and Facebook groups and found out in reality things are not exactly going to plan.  It’s hotter than you thought, or the place you choose is in the wrong area, worse you can’t find a place to stay and the hotel you booked while you look can’t extend.  You are tired, frustrated, and want to punch the person whose advice you took in the face!  You are not alone in this experience, I have been there, and it is in part why Guroo Asia was created.

Stressfree accommodation in Chiang mai ThailandOr maybe you just found out about us, and thought to yourself “Why should I pay Air BnB, or Agoda, 4 times the booking fee of a local service who are providing the same accommodations and services for less than half the price”?  Perhaps you just think finding a place for you is worth $12 so you can work and make some money.  Whatever the reason you found this page – Welcome to the beginning of an amazing time in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While we can not guarantee we can find you the quality and long term stay options of accommodation that you would get if you had pre-booked before you came. We do have a variety of 2nd choice options that you can select from. AND sometimes because of the relationships we have with the local owners, we can get you a room at a place that told you they where booked.  But finding urgent accommodation (especially during peak seasons) can involve a fair bit of calling around.

Office Visit: Book an Appointment

Want to come into the Office and talk to us face to face? No problem at all, just book an appointment online. For initial consultations we have 15 or 30 minute time slots available.

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urgent help in chiang mai

How it Works!

If you are already here, we can not accept an online payment, as it takes between 7-10 days to process and become available to us to pay the apartment complex in cash or direct transfer.  You will need to pay cash for urgent and immediate assistance.

1) You Know what Apartment you want

If you are wanting accommodation or a Motorcycle, have a look at the selection of 1st choice selections offered at Guroo Asia.  Make a list of your top few selection options and call us, send a Line or Email message. If you get lucky we can book it for you, and you come in with your passport and cash along with the service fee of 400 baht for accommodation and 150 baht for a motorcycle  We will in some situations (time permitting) go with you to the complex and make sure you get checked in.  At other times you can check in yourself.

2) You want to Look first (Accommodation Tour)

Make an appointment for an Accommodation Tour.  Bring your selection of choices from the website, and our staff will take you on a mini tour to look at what is available

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N.B.  We can not always guarantee on short time notice the best selection.  The options we find maybe limited in time available (not on a monthly basis) and desirability for the Expat or Nomad. But, it gives you time (or Guroo Asia time) to find you something more appropriate.

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