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A Digital Nomad Sorta Job Offer Internship Type Thingy

I am looking for a person who is a jack of most website trades. Work 10 hours a week on my network of business websites, in exchange for a room in the heart of Chiang Mai Digital Nomad area.  You will have the opportunity to work on both a successful online business (and improve it) and assist on a couple of start-ups.  You will have time to find your muse, find friends, work on your own stuff as well. This is not for someone who wants to learn about being a Nomad.  You must already have the skills required below.

You will be guided so you escape the ‘tourist’ existence so many Nomads experience here and really get to explore Thai Culture. As a bonus you will also be active in promoting multiple Digital Nomad group’s activities – can you say NETWORKING?

This position is ideally suited for a newbie, someone who is inexperienced in travel and living aboard, someone either coming to Chiang Mai for a month or longer; someone coming alone.  It is not a paid position, nor will a work permit be provided. It is a helping hand for a month while you are visiting, or as you get settled and sort out your new life as a digital nomad in Chiang Mai.   You get to put into practice what you have learnt and prepared for being a online entrepreneur.  You get to do this with existing business and test your skills and abilities without putting up any money.  AND you will be helped beyond anything you could hope to learn and achieve on your own with regards to living in Thailand.

This position is NOT suited for Someone who is already living in Chiang Mai.  Someone who is under the impression that they are an expert in online marketing and feel that they need to be compensated for their expertise. Someone who is into partying. You will be living in a house with a traditional Thai lady, and a grumpy old prick.  Getting boozed and bringing home bar girls on a regular occasion is not acceptable.  (I’ll show you where the love hotels are located).  Chiang Mai is a great place to live, party and explore the opposite sex, but this is a place of business. Someone already with a successful online business.  This is a helping hand for a novice – not a request for expert services 🙂

Positions Start 1st of each month

What I am Offering

bullet-greenOne Month … Queen Size Bed in 4 bedroom Home and Office
bullet-greenAmazing Thai Meals (food kitty is about $60 a month)
bullet-greenFree Fast Internet

bullet-greenLocation in the Heart of Nimman (The Nomad Area)
bullet-greenBusiness Mentoring from a 10 year online veteran

bullet-greenThai Bank Account (Save a fortune in money transfers)
bullet-greenLearn how to live cheap like a local (not tourist spending most nomads do)
bullet-greenExpertise from a Business designed to help Westerners transition to living in Thailand
bullet-greenComfort, Safety and Wisdom for living in Chiang Mai by experienced locals
bullet-greenWorking experience of 3 online business (Test your skills without any financial risk)  (12 years in operation – digital media downloads) (3 months in operation – real business with online marketing) (help create – T-shirt printing, online sales, drop shipping and local markets)

bullet-greenHelp with Thai Culture and DATING
bullet-greenPosition involves social meetings and networking with nomad community
bullet-greenLife experience from an older, grumpier, been there done that guy
bullet-greenThai Speaking people to assist you communicate here
bullet-greenFree Thai Massage (negotiate with my staff, barter something)
bullet-greenSo many benefits for a newbie – Can not list them all …..

Basically, I will ensure that you do not make many mistakes, you do not spend more money than you need, you do not get caught up in Thai cons, you know how to identify a ladyboy etc.  You will have the guidance, from both western and local Thai people living in Chiang Mai.  You will be free, to chase your own dreams and income without any stress, anxiety or culture shock. You will be introduced to real Thai culture, real food and bars (sooo much cheaper than tourist places) as well as the usual western places the less adventitious nomads hang out in.  You will arrive and have a friend who has a place for you to stay!

Here is where you will be living
The monk does not live here … we just hang with the locals

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What You will bring to the Table

bullet-greenSocial Media Skills (you will monitor and post)
bullet-greenWordPress and Woocommerce Experience
bullet-greenSEO Keyword and Analysis Skills

bullet-greenGoogle and Facebook Advertising
bullet-greenCopy-writing and Blogging

bullet-greenBasic Graphic Creation
bullet-greenAbility to Create, Edit, Modify Websites
bullet-greenCustomer acquisition skills (funnels, email campaigns etc)
bullet-greenAbility to do Analysis of your performance
bullet-greenBasic abilities of any Digital Nomad
bullet-greenAbility to work on your own
bullet-greenGood morals and work ethic

Your duties will be to do exactly what ever digital nomad and online entrepreneur does.

You will not be legally allowed to work from the Office located in the house.  In fact legally you will not be working at all.  You are merely doing me a favor for providing a room and internet and food and massage etc.  There will be a desk in your room, but more importantly coworking spaces and cafes are abundant.  You will not have to be physically in the house to work.  So long as you accomplish the tasks I set, you are free to do as you wish.  You will be shown how and where and when to successfully integrate into the online business community here.

How to Apply

This is a monthly position.  I want to help as many people as I can discover this lifestyle and how amazing it is to live in Chiang Mai. So it is highly unlikely that you will stay longer than one month, living here and working for (ops I mean ‘helping’) me.  You will need to be able to pick up from our last guest and have the next person easily able to take over.  But don’t worry, Guroo Asia is all about providing accommodation for nomads, so you will easily be able to find an apartment or move into, should you decide to stay here.

Obviously this opportunity for many people new to the lifestyle is a fantastic opportunity.  You will need to impress me. I am not very impressed if you have not read this far down the page. Because it is this last bit of information that determines how proficient you are. Let’s get real here for a moment 80% of people will write and tell me about themselves, they will completely ignore what I am actually asking you to do.  Here is what I want.  Include the phrase “I like Turtles” in the first paragraph of your application, Prove to me you took the time to actually read this post.  Bottom line is, it does not matter how much enthusiasm you have, success comes in life from being able to comply with client requests.  Please comply with what I am asking 🙂

Here is the website you are primarily going to be working on

Find something wrong with it, tell me how you will modify it, criticize the shit out of it and tell me how you will make it better. Don’t take too long doing it or provide massive amounts of details.  Like your work, it will be quick and to the point.  Include examples of any work you have done or projects you are working on (links to websites) include a link to a personal page (such as facebook).  Tell me what month you are available. Do not apply under an assumed name or a web hidden and private email address.  You will be researched!

Months Available

May (taken)
June (taken)
September (Aug 26-Sept 16th not available)


Please apply by emailing