Motorbike Hire in Chiang Mai

Motorbike Hire in Chiang Mai Thailand

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Find the best deals for motorcycle rent and scooter lease in Chiang Mai. This city has an abundance of business that hire out and lease motorbikes for a day, a week, a month or longer.  Leasing a Motorbike is everywhere!  To rent a Motorbike (Scooter) in Chiang Mai costs approximately 200 to 350 BHT a day.

BUT There is a huge difference in the quality of motorbikes available, a large difference in the safety and maintenance done to the fleet from various business you can lease a bike from.

There are certain checklists you want to be aware of when you hire a motorbike both of the scooter itself, the conditions of lease (deposit requirements, insurance coverage etc) and after rental services.

Sadly there are major differences in the way a Thai business and a western business are run.  Most (but by no means all) motorbike leasing places you can hire a motorbike from, will have one if not all of the following.


Common Problems with Renting Motorbikes in Chiang Mai

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Older vs Newer Motorbikes for Lease.

The older motorbikes available may save you 500 baht (US $15) a month in the rental fees, but during this time you will suffer in the lack of power and increased petrol usage beyond your $15 savings.

Lack of Maintenance and Safety Issues

Many business are owned by one person and then pay an uneducated staff a low salary.  The result is a terrible lack of maintenance on the bikes, with bad brakes, or standard mirrors not wide enough to see beyond the larger westerners body size.  Anyone who rides a bike in Thailand knows that good brakes and the ability to see behind you is essential to survival.

Rental Conditions (Deposit, Insurance)

Typically you will be asked for either a 3000 baht deposit or your Passport as a security deposit on the vehicle. In Thailand it is illegal not to carry your passport with you as a tourist, so the cash deposit is the better choice.  Some companies will tell you the bike is insured against thief or damage as are medical costs. If you do damage your motorbike you are required to buy it for cash!  It is then up to you to have your insurance company negotiate and refund your money. While it does not happen in Chiang Mai often, some Motorbike leasing companies have been found to travel around at night and take the bikes back. When you report it stolen they make you purchase the bike.

Discounts for Longer Periods

This is not as common but you are likely to find this situation if you decide to walk the streets to bargain shop for a cheap rental.  Many Thai business do not grasp the concept of bulk or longer period discount.  You will be told a daily rate x No of days you rent.



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Lease a motorbike in Chiang Mai ThailandWe want to help you have the best experience possible when you lease or hire a motorbike in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Our selection come from businesses owned by other westerners, who provide new, well maintained and safe motorbikes.  We have arranged a 1000 baht deposit, and no need to leave your passport while you rent.





Prices are for 1 to 3 Month Rental Periods (Returnable 1000 BHT Security Deposit Extra)

Are you taller than 6 Foot?  Select a Fino or Nouvo for more room

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Save Money


Lower Security deposit and a Monthly rate means that you are getting the best value for your dollar without having to beat the streets


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Best Location


When your rental period is up and you return the Motorbike for the return of your cash deposit, you can easily walk back to your Residence

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Our suppliers maintain their motorbikes and have modified them for the larger westerner body. Plus you get real  medical insurance

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Guroo Asia, only provides fuel injected & new motorbikes.  More power, less pollution and a safer ride for you. Your Life is important


How it Works!

motorbike rent in chiang maiTake your time and have a look through the various options and benefits that each type of motorbike has.  Some will have more power for those with bigger body types, others will have more under seat space for your shopping.  When you decide, simply make your booking.  When you book, you will upload a copy of your passport, (required for the lease agreement) and let us know what date you arrive  Guroo Asia will pay your lease amount and refundable security deposit to your selected motorbike to ensure your booking. We will then fill in the lease agreement on your behalf which you can sign at your arrival pickup.

Please Note:  We honestly believe that the best option of motorbike for anyone not use to driving in Thailand is a new automatic fuel injected motorbike.  While smaller and older 110cc bikes are available for less, the westerner really needs a 125cc bike.  You will be using your motorbike a great deal, and making the choice for an older and smaller bike (options not provided by us) will be a decision you will soon regret. The fuel consumption of a old non fuel injection bike is a small concern. The need to have good brakes and quick acceleration to avoid traffic dangers will go a great deal towards your survival on Thailand’s roads.

Don’t want to Lease a Scooter from us? No problem you can read the 5 Tips to lease a motorcycle in Thailand and learn what to look out for