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Guroo Asia Online Concierge Service. No need to come into the Office to have us arrange a meeting, translate a sign or communicate in Thai to the person your trying to explain what you want. Use the Client Top Up to place credit on your account and use it over the next few months whenever you require the assistance of your Guroo Asia Services.

Get 1000 Baht Top-up Credit

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Guroo Asia Online Concierge Service

Here is How it Works

online concierge service

Sometimes you will not be in a position to wait until you can come into our office. You want or need information instantly, and now you can get it. Just create an account with us and when you need us we are just a phone call or text message away. The charge is deducted from your account easily.

You can create your account online, or come into our offices and pay for each task as you require them.

You can login to your account and see what services you have used, and what the remaining balance is available.  You can use this credit for up to 33 individual requests for assistance or to hire a buddy for almost 3 hours.

After you have arrived in Chiang Mai Thailand and have created an account with us, you can use the credit to pay for additional services that make living here easier. Simply call us on the phone, Email from the website or when in a hurry … text using Skype or Line.  For Example …..

Have you been confused when trying to talk to the police after being pulled over at a checkpoint and do not understand what you are being asked? Want to tell the shop assistant that you want another color? Need to translate the label on a bottle of medicine, or sign on a shop that is closed but you want to pick something up? Explain to the Tuk Tuk Driver where you want to go? There are times when you need instant help just to make life easier. You can call us on the phone or send a line message and we will respond right away

Most Local Online Concierge Services are charged at 200 baht per hour (in 10 minute increments of 33 baht or around US$1) during working hours. After hours service is charged at 50 baht per 10 minutes.  The credit is non transferable to a cash return.

Here is what you do

Just call us on the phone and give us the user name you created an account with or send an email, Skype message or Line App message.  Ask us what you need and we will reply as soon as we can.

It is that easy!

Call Us on Skype.

Skype ID = chiangmaibuddy



Call Us on Line.

Line ID = chiangmaibuddy


Here is what you see

Once you have created an account and have logged in, you will see displayed in the side bar and at the bottom of the Client Services Page (for those using a mobile device) a running total and use of your online credit. We will adjust this as you use your account and our services

This display will be shown in the right side bar


Side bar Credit for online conserige services

This display will be shown at the bottom of your Customer Service page

Credit usage for online conseirge service