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Visit, Look and Decide which Monthly Apartment Complex is for you

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The Accommodation ‘Scoping Out’ Tour of Chiang Mai

We at Guroo Asia have spent days looking at over 60 different varieties of accommodation here in the area we service and selected our top choices of what we think offer the best value for money and general comfort. But nothing really compares to you steeping inside of the room, bouncing on the bed and imagining how you will feel living there.

You can check the WiFi speed, talk with the staff, see what bars and restaurants are close by and really get a feel for where you chose to call home for the next however long you stay in Chiang Mai.

Sometimes a place you see listed online looks to be exactly what you are looking for – but we do not have it listed … BUT you really have a gut feeling this is the place for you…

Just make a selection of places you want to visit and allocate 1 to 2 hours to do this. Our staff will show you the Apartments, help you talk to the staff there and assist booking you in.


Your Accommodation Tour of Chiang Mai:


Accommodation Tour Chiang MaiMotorbike Accommodation Tour

Make your selection and choose the amount of time you wish to spend, and our staff will show you where each place is, introduce you to the manager and staff and show you the rooms.

The advantage of the motorbike is you can weave in and out of traffic and depending on how closely located each apartment building is, get to see 3-4 in an hour.  You can drive around the location and check out the restaurants and general vibe of the area, as well as have our staff ask the operators of each weekly or monthly residence any questions you might have to fit your particular needs


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