Learn in just 4 hours where to shop, play, socialize and pay like a local

Expat Relocation Tour of Chiang Mai


The Expat Relocation Tour of Chiang Mai

If you are new to Chiang Mai, quite often even after months of living here you will not have even 1/3rd of the information you will gain in just 4 hours with our local person showing you around.  If you are moving to Chiang Mai or visiting because you are thinking about relocating and retiring, this introduction tour for Expats is exactly what you need.

For full details of the Expat Relocation tour of Chiang Mai

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Your Tour of Chiang Mai will include:

Expats having fun in Chiang Mai2 Supermarkets
1 Day and 1 Night Market
2 Shopping Malls
SIM Card and Phone Plan
RAM Hospital
Expat Clubs and Bars
Some Thai Language
Local Knowledge
Food (Optional)
Learn to Haggle Prices
Massage at Conclusion (Optional)

Mini details of the Expat Relocation Tour of Chiang Mai

Over 4 hours you will be taken on a mini tour to familiarize yourself with the options and facilities that support your retirement or working in Thailand, starting with the local Embassies or Consulates (if available in Chiang Mai)
Embassy Chiang Mai

Then let’s go Mall shopping. First the older and more practical Kad Suan Kaew and then the new and up market Maya.  At Kad Suan Kaew shopping center you will be shown the local supermarket and shops, plus your guide will assist you in getting a SIM card and a phone plan.

maya mall chiang mai                 kad suan kaew chiang mai

Then a short ride to a local fresh food market where, if you wish, you will be taught how to haggle for better prices.  Then off to visit the world famous Warorot Market. But not for too long as there are a lot of things to see and Warorot Market can take days to look through.

Ton Payom Market Chiang Mai   Warorot Market Chiang Mai

Medical treatment in Thailand is very reasonably priced and most Expats favor one or two hospitals here in Chiang Mai. We will visit RAM Hospital where you can sign up for a Hospital Card so that your medical records are available to the staff.

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

Perhaps the most important place you will need to know about is the Chiang Mai Expats Club, an essential resource for clubs and activities, lectures and local business that cater to the Westerners living in Chiang Mai. Although the Club has no actual physical location, we will show you the places where they meet and give you the days and times.

And of course you will want to associate and socialize with other people in Chiang Mai like yourself.  So we will visit a few of the popular bars and hangouts of the older folks living here.

UN Irish Chiang MaiThe Pub Chiang Mai
Loi Kroh Chiang Mai[hr]

Along the way, if time permits, you can learn how to order food from a local street vendor and, at the conclusion of your tour, we will take you into a Thai massage shop for a wonderfully relaxing way to end your wisdom tour.

how to order thai street food            End the Tour with a Massage

This tour will require you to have a motorbike or to ride as a passenger.  Ideally you will use your own motorbike so that you can learn to identify the landmarks along the routes to the various places. But if needed we can also hire a Tuk Tuk for the trip (your additional expense, around 800 Baht). During these four hours you are guaranteed to discover and learn more about your local area than most people who have been living here for months or even years.


Free Online Consierge Credit

Credit your Online Concierge Account with 200 Baht

That’s 60 minutes of having your own Thai speaking local, helping you manage the big and little things you will face during your day.  Get signs translated, have us make inquires on your behalf, tell the waitress no sugar or MSG, get a better price for the goods you buy: whatever you need to do or express when you do not speak Thai.

This is a service that you will use time and time again!