Chiang Mai Thai Bank Account Service

Life is so much easier (and considerably cheaper) when you have a Thai Bank Account.  Now you can have Guroo Asia Assist you in obtaining Bangkok Bank Savings Account.

Providing you have:

* A Visa (or history) that you are staying in Chiang Mai for at least 6 months.
* A copy of a Lease agreement or Utility Bill in your name
* A passport or Thai Drivers License

We can provide the Thai person guarantor co-signer for you to get your own Thai Bank Account.

How to get a Thai Bank Account

Read More about how to get a Thai Bank Account here


Here is How to do it!

Just purchase this product and then make an appointment with us online when you are ready.  You are welcome to call and ask us any questions before you decide. We have provided the address for you in Thai and English depending on how you will be getting here.

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