Welcome to Guroo Asia

A Visitor’s Best Friend

1 Guroo Asia is Chiang Mai City’s #1 foreign visitor and resident support company offering reliable, English-speaking help to new arrivals and a massive resident expat community of Digital Nomads (including complete support packages for incoming conference attendees), Retirees, Resident Men and Women Expats, Medical Tourists, English Teachers, and regular travelers just passing through.

Emergency Assistance

If you’ve just arrived in Chiang Mai and things aren’t going quite as smoothly as planned (and no one seems to understand a word you’re saying because they DON’T), Guroo Asia is here!

Owned and managed by an Australian with more than 17 years experience with life on the ground here in Thailand, Guroo’s team of bilingual Thai staff members leverage relationships with proven suppliers in the Chiang Mai business community to solve almost any kind of need. Whether it’s visa, transportation, accommodation, or communication related, we’ve got you covered. Simply book an appointment and we’ll take it from there.

Visa Services

  • Extensions
  • 90-Day Reporting
  • Queue Number Service
  • Self-Defence Visa (12 month)
  • Retirement Visa (12 month)
  • Volunteer Visa (12 month)
  • Residency Certificate
  • Thai Bank Account

Other Services

  • Sak Yant Tattoo
  • Accommodations
  • GurooBox Storage
  • Airport Pickup + Drop-off
  • VIP Arrival Service
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Orientation Packages
  • Custom Support

Motorbike Related

  • Rental + Purchase
  • Green Book (Ownership) Transfer
  • Detailing
  • Thai Driver License
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Defensive Driving School

Proudly Serving

  • Digital Nomads
  • Digital Nomad Conferences
  • Expat Retirees
  • Resident Men & Women Expats
  • English Teachers
  • Medical Tourists

Common Problems

  • Visa confusion from misinformation or misunderstanding
  • Lack of medical or travel insurance
  • Accommodations in the wrong area
  • Finding short-term storage for small stuff
  • Difficulty communicating with locals
  • Trouble finding accommodations in “High-Season”
  • Help finding what you need in Chiang Mai