Welcome to Guroo Asia . If you’re looking for all type of insurance in Thailand, you’re in the right place.

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    Guroo Asia is a registered, full-service broker of Thailand, with competitive pricing on a comprehensive range of insurance options.


    • Full-service broker
    • Asia’s largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group
    • Travel, Health, Life, Property and Medical
    • Incredible value when compared to similar North American or European coverage
    • Appointment required

    Available Types of Coverage

    Guroo Asia offers competitive, comprehensive coverage in the following categories:

    • Travel Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Property Insurance
    • Medical Insurance

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    To learn more about insurance coverage options for you, your family and property, please book an appointment and we’ll be happy to help. We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the value relative to the cost of similar North American and European coverage.

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