Motorbike Rental Service

How it Works

What type of Scooter you want (add a second choice in case the motorbike is not available)?

What date you wish to start?

How many months you wish to hire the Scooter?

Your location or address.


Pre-Rental Inspection

It will pay you to do a quick safety check before you hire or lease a scooter or motorbike.

The company will usually go over the bike and make a list of any dents, scratches and damage it might already have which you will be asked to witness. Pay attention when this is done as the contract you are about to sign says that you hired the bike in said condition. If it comes back with any additional marks you will be charged for this, and be careful: some companies make a lot of extra income this way.

Here are things you should check for:

Inspect the bike for existing damage and take photos on your phone.
Sit on the bike and bounce up and down – make sure the suspension is working well.
See if the mirrors adjust and you can see behind you. Thai drivers hardly ever use their mirrors – but you do!
Ride the bike and check for size comfort (your knees should not be forced to stick out).
Ride the bike and test the brakes (some bikes have rear and front, some combined – know what you have).
Check the acceleration – sometimes you will need to get out of the way of some idiot, quickly!
Opt for bikes with thicker tires – thin tires and gravel can be your number-one reason for an accident.
Helmet – Get as good as you can and wear it. Seriously, wear it – while it seems no one else will, it will invalidate your insurance if you do not have a helmet on.

5) Scooter Breakdown and Motorbike Repairs
Sometimes it happens: you might have a small accident or get a flat tire (especially on the thinner tires). If our bike breaks down completely don’t worry, you have the number of the place you hired it (let’s hope you choose a place that speaks English). In Chiang Mai there are small motorcycle repair shops all over the place. They are cheap and almost all of them know what they are doing.

You can usually get a tire inflated for 5 bht or repaired for 100-150 baht. If you do any minor damage such as break a turn signal or bulb and have the time, it is worth going to a repair shop and getting it fixed before returning the bike. If you do not have total coverage with no payment insurance, you can be assured that the price the rental place thinks it will cost to repair is far more than you will pay by yourself at a shop.

If you lose your helmet you can get a new one for a few hundred baht – don’t let the company you hired the bike from inform you that helmets are 1000 bht to replace.

  • Models subject to availability
  • Delivered to your place of residence or Guroo Asia office
  • Photocopy of passport only required for security
  • All bikes inspected and serviced monthly
  • All models fully automatic and less than 3 years old
  • Standard 3rd party liability insurance included
  • Roadside assistance included
  • 1000 BHT security deposit required for monthly rental
  • 1, 2 or 3 month option