Open A Thai Bank Account

Tourist Visa Accepted

The Catch-22

For foreigners on tourist visas hoping to open an account with a local bank here in Chiang Mai, the reality is that not all banks are willing. This “short-term visitor” category of a transient client is of little interest to the bank. For tourist visa holders applying for O-A (retirement) visas that require a bank account as part of the application process, this can be especially problematic.


We Can Help

Thanks to a long-established relationship with a local branch of one of Thailand’s largest banks, Guroo Asia guarantees new account and full-service banking solutions to tourist and other visa class holders.

Simply book an appointment and our staff will accompany you to the bank and act as your personal intermediary. Providing on-the-fly translation, we’ll guide you through a process that ensures you’ll get the type of account and banking products that meet your specific needs.

Benefits of a Thai Bank Account

There are many advantages to opening an account with a local bank, including:

  • Satisfying the resident 800,000 BHT Retirement Visa requirement
  • Transfer funds in and out of Thailand
  • Apply for an ATM/Visa Debit card
  • Ease of access through an extensive domestic network of branches and ATMs
  • Receive regular payments from a US government agency
  • Invest in mutual funds and insurance products
  • Open a foreign currency account
  • Internet banking
  • ATM and internet instant money transfers to other accounts at most Thai banks
  • Investment options including interest-bearing deposits, mutual funds, bonds, bancassurance (bank/insurance company partnership products) and shares — many with potential tax benefits
  • Competitive international money transfers cheaper and faster thanks to an extensive global network of correspondent banks
  • Access to online tools to make financial transactions on your smartphone and tablet

Required Documentation

  • Residency certificate
  • Original passport

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Trust Guroo Asia to help you with your bank account set-up and much more. Email, call us at 091-068-8112, or book an appointment to further explore any of our many services. We’re here to help!