David Berube

David Berube 263 263 admin

“Coming to Chiang Mai for a visit, a few weeks, a lifetime??? Not to worry,…

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Humperdinck Jackman

Humperdinck Jackman 263 263 admin

“As a new arrival to Chiang Mai I’m in awe of Chris and his team.…

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Ronald Richter

Ronald Richter 150 113 admin

Great Service that saved my ass I like to do things on my own, as…

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Travis Martin

Travis Martin 134 150 admin

Stellar! “The service Guroo Asia offers is one of a kind and is well worth the…

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Lola Dodge

Lola Dodge 143 150 admin

A Life Saver “I did my research before showing up in Chiang Mai and all…

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Don Lee

Don Lee 150 145 admin

Godsend services. Thank you! I’ve been traveling a lot but never had the pleasure of…

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Robert Barth

Robert Barth 135 150 admin

Can’t Be Beat! “If you thought that you could successfully plan and execute a stay…

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Robert Yancy

Robert Yancy 150 150 admin

A Fantastic Service “I came to Thailand to retire and to start the place was…

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Amy Truong

Amy Truong 150 138 admin

“Fantastic service & help by amazingly kind people Working with Guroo Asia was a wonderful…

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Hans Brinkman

Hans Brinkman 150 150 admin

Awesome Service “Guroo Asia helped me out finding a great apartment. They also provided excellent service…

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