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Our Great Escape from Visa Hell!

hassle freeWhen it comes to the subject of visas in Thailand, understanding your options and obligations can be particularly challenging as misinformation runs rampant.

Web-based resources are either poorly presented, inaccurate or outdated (many times all three), including independently-managed Thai Embassy websites which offer non-standardized (and not necessarily the most up-to-date) information.

Google searches pull answers from large visa companies with thousands of pages attempting to dominate search-engine results but handcuffing themselves in the process for providing simple updates on changes in regulations or criteria.

For foreigners in Thailand, trips to understaffed Immigration offices are a thing of legend. Long lines, poorly designed queues, confusing forms and difficulty getting clear explanations due to the Thai/English language barrier is the unfortunate status quo.

With winds of change now blowing constantly under military governance, you need someone local you can trust and communicate with easily to ensure this base is totally covered.

Visa Applications Handled By Guroo Asia

  • 12 Month Self-Defence Ed Visa
  • 12 Month Retirement “OA” Visa
  • 12 Month Volunteer Visa + Work Permit
  • Non-Immigrant “O” Visa (Marriage)
  • 12 Month Non-Immigrant “B” Visa (Employment)
  • 12 Month Non-Immigrant “O” Visa (Thai Child)
  • Non-Immigrant “O” Visa (Guardian)
  • Non-Immigrant “O” Visa (Dependent)

Heavenly Solutions

  • Free ‘Visa Alert’ bulletins
  • Fillable PDF forms
  • Queue ticket service
  • Visa extensions (all classes)
  • 90-day reporting service
  • New visa applications
  • Residency certificates
  • Re-entry permits
  • Passport visa transfers

Full-Spectrum Visa Services & Solutions

Guroo Asia is a locally owned and operated, full-service visa solution provider under ownership and management by English-speaking principals who care about doing things right for our customers.

Our Chiang Mai visa services include 90-day reporting, visa extensions, visa renewals, re-entry permits and applications for new visas—some of which are exclusive only to residents of Chiang Mai. We also help obtain residency certificates and open new accounts with local branches of major Thai banks. Best of all, we provide little-known workarounds for challenging cases and strategies to succeed for a multitude of commonly perceived dead-ends.

Inspired by numerous trips to Immigration Hell and back ourselves, Guroo Asia has risen to the challenge to innovate new and unique solutions to make every task associated with keeping visas in good-standing easier for you.

The Guroo CRM System

Most visa application and service solutions have many moving parts. There are things we need from you and others that help us accomplish what you need.

To help us all work smarter together, Guroo Asia uses Solve360, a smartphone-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) tool that guides you through each step of the process with simple-to-use, interactive tools that help organize:

  • scheduling of all meetings required for your visa solution scenario
  • documentation you must bring for your initial appointment
  • all required forms and supplementary documentation associated with your service request
  • scheduling assisted trips to immigration (or trips Guroo needs to do on its own)
  • potential supplementary documentation from your embassy or financial institution
  • required medical or residency certificates
  • passport photo numbers and sizes
  • trip planning for visas requiring an application stage from outside Thailand

Your visa is too important to leave anything to chance. With the Guroo CRM, we’ll work together in a simple way that will maximize time and eliminate mistakes.

Guaranteed Accurate Information

The comprehensive information we provide for visa-related solutions is simple to understand and GUARANTEED accurate. Our explanations for any do-it-yourself process are clear, complete and come with checklists that ensure you’re properly organized. This visa section of our website is under constant refinement and is widely regarded as the premier English-friendly visa information source in Thailand.

Free ‘Visa Alert’ Bulletins

Guroo offers a free information dissemination service for all verified changes in Immigration policies or activities affecting holders of any class of visa. Before we even update our own website, subscribers to our Visa Alert Bulletin service first receive the information that concerns them on their smartphones.

Less Trips for Common Services

Where our competitors make you visit their offices twice when performing services on your behalf (i.e. passport drop-off and pick-up for 90 day reporting, residency certificates, etc.), Guroo Asia offers the convenience of having your original documents delivered right to your door or location of choice in the downtown core area to save you that extra trip.

Fillable PDF forms

Completing Immigration forms by hand (like the ever-popular TM.47) always runs the risk of “delay by chicken scrawl”. To make preparing and processing paperwork simple, Guroo Asia offers all immigration forms as fillable PDFs you can download and type directly into.

English-Speaking Buddies

Guroo Asia provides personal assistants to accompany our clients on mandatory trips to Immigration to ensure success for any process we engage in.

Queue Ticket Service

For those who prefer to do it themselves, we help speed things along with our Immigration appointment Queue Ticket service to shave hours off your visit.

Map Heaven

For those attempting to 90-day report online, our comprehensive Visa Heaven Google Map shows you the locations of all Post Office EMS courier outlets, Immigration office locations, photocopy places, passport photo places and, most importantly, internet cafes in Chiang Mai with computers running Internet Explorer for filing online (don’t forget to cross your fingers).