Retirement Visa Solutions

The #1 choice for people 50 years of age and older


Retirement visas are the #1 choice for people 50 years of age and older looking for a low-maintenance, option-rich long-term solution without the need for a work permit.


  • Appointment required
  • Valid for 1 calendar year
  • Multiple entry in and out of Thailand if desired
  • Renewable annually inside of Thailand
  • 90 day reporting required
  • Option to apply for permanent residency after renewals

Retirement visas can either be obtained in your home country prior to arrival in Thailand or applied for here. However, the application process from within Thailand may differ significantly from your country of origin.

Although Guroo Asia can assist with any visa class transition scenario, our most popular request for service in this category is for guidance and support through the multi-step process required to change a tourist visa into a retirement visa.

Guroo’s Full Service Solution

Guroo’s “Tourist to Retirement Visa” full service solution includes:

  • Step 1 application process for ‘O’ visa
  • Step 2 application process for ‘O-A’ visa 12 month extension and multiple re-entry permit
  • Expert-guidance and scheduling through the double-submission process
  • 2 VIP airport transfers (pickup/drop-off) from place of residence in Chiang Mai (process requires two short trips out of country)
  • Fast-lane appointments at Immigration (in and out in 15 minutes including chauffeured transport with personal assistant)
  • Opening of Thai bank account (transport/assistant included)
  • Work-arounds for financial and other barriers
  • Home country consulate appointments when required
  • Preparation and submission of all documents on your behalf

Service fees vary depending on specific requirements (i.e. customers may already have bank account or O visa in hand). This will all be clarified during your appointment with our specialist at our office.

Qualifications + Requirements


In order to qualify for this option:

  1. Applicant must be 50 years of age or older
  2. Applicant cannot have any criminal history or restrictions on travel to Thailand


Applicants must satisfy any one of the following financial criteria:

  1. Security deposit of  800,000 THB in a Thai bank account for 3 months prior to the visa application; OR
  2. Proof of monthly income or pension of  65,000 THB; OR
  3. A signed affidavit from the home country embassy or consulate; OR
  4. Combination of Thai bank account and yearly income totalling 800,000 THB.

Checklist for ‘O’ Visa Application

As step #1 in this process is for Guroo to apply for your 90 day ‘O’ Class visa, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Minimum 21 days remaining on current tourist visa
  • Properly completed and signed application forms and support documentation
  • Copies of all stamped pages of passport (everything except the blank pages)
  • Passport photo (6 x 4 cm,  white background, non-smiling)
  • Copy of lease agreement from current residence in Chiang Mai (residency certificate not required)
  • Proof of satisfaction of financial requirements
  • A short trip to Guroos recommended Thai consulate outside of Thailand to apply for the new O visa

After submission, it will take 21 days before Thai Immigration makes known the status of your application (Immigration Department fees are non-refundable if application is rejected due to customer background check).

Dead End Work-Arounds

Guroo Asia provides even more options and solutions to those experiencing difficulty acquiring proof of finances, obtaining statutory declarations from home embassies, and even those who don’t wish to fly out of Thailand to get the O visa when applying from within Thailand.

Let’s Talk

If you’ve already tried applying for a retirement visa but hit a dead end, don’t despair as there may be other options for you. We’re here to help. Book your appointment today and let’s talk.