12 Month Volunteer Visa

Volunteering in Thailand can be a rich and rewarding experience—especially with the right organization.

volunteervisaVolunteering in Thailand can be a rich and rewarding experience—especially with the right organization. Guroo Asia’s volunteer visa solution allows you work legally with a government-approved NGO here in Chiang Mai where orphaned and disadvantaged kids are clothed, housed, fed, and educated.

Even though you’ll be acting in a volunteer capacity, a non-immigrant visa and work permit is mandatory for working legally with any officially-registered NGO in Thailand.

Holders of this visa should be resident in Chiang Mai. Although a re-entry permit can be attached, frequent travel in and out of Thailand may be problematic with Immigration expectations of dedicated time to the foundation.

Please note that when applying for this visa while holding another visa class other than tourist, cancellation must occur before the application can proceed.


  • Appointment required
  • 12 month ‘O’ visa
  • Includes work permit
  • 90-day reporting included
  • Renewable for a 2nd year
  • Not conducive to frequent travel outside Thailand
  • Restrictions for certain countries
  • 35000 BHT


7 calendar days should be allocated to complete the first stage of the application process before you must leave Thailand to obtain your new visa from a Thai consulate so be sure to take note of your current tourist visa expiry date.

Associated Costs

  • 35000 BHT application fee
  • Passport photos (12)
  • Trip to Thai consulate in Laos (or location of choice)
  • Medical certificate
  • Printing costs for your CV (resume)
  • Taxi pooling (transportation) costs to orphanage

Application Process

Book an Appointment

Your first step is to book an appointment and meet with a visa specialist at our office. Upon booking, click on the link in the confirmation email and complete the Guroo client registration process (passport information required).

The objective of this meeting will be to assemble your preliminary application for approval by the NGO.

  • Provide passport for photocopy
  • Complete application
  • Pay 500 BHT consultation credit

The status of your application will be determined within 2 business days of this first meeting.

Follow-up Appointment

Upon notification of your approval, you will return to our office to provide the following for your new visa application:

  • 34,500 BHT application fee balance
  • 6 passport photos: 4 cm x 6 cm
  • 6 passport photos: 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Exit Country

Within 3 days of receipt, your visa application paperwork will ready for pickup at our office. You will then make a trip to the Thai consulate in Laos (or location of choice) to get your volunteer visa (this preliminary 90-day non-immigrant O visa will be extended by the foundation upon your return).

Back In Chiang Mai

Upon return, you will need the following prior to arranging a meeting with the foundation representative:

The foundation representative will then take care of the process to extend your 90-visa to 12 months, obtain your work permit, and provide orientation on commuting to and working with the foundation.

Conditions & Obligations

  • This visa can be renewed for a second year
  • This visa can be extended once for 7 days
  • Participants must attend foundation’s activities at least 2 times per month (4-5 hours)
  • Foundation will organise your 90-day reporting at no extra charge.


Citizens from the following countries are NOT able to apply for a work permit in Thailand:

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Other restrictions may apply as list changes


  • 7 day application process
  • Medical certificate
  • CV (resume)
  • 12 passport photos (2 sizes)
  • Trip to Thai consulate in Laos (or country of choice)

Citizens from the following countries will require additional documentation (i.e. police clearance, proof of financials, home country ID card, and/or other documentation). However, even with these documents provided, the visa may still not be approved.

  • China
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Other restrictions may apply as list changes