The Wonderful World of 90 Day Reporting

What Exactly is 90-Day Reporting?

90 day reporting

90-day reporting is Thai Immigration’s mechanism to stay informed of your whereabouts during your stay in the Kingdom of Thailand. Simply put, each 90-day report is a formal notification of your current address and is in no way equivalent to a visa extension.

Reporting is mandatory and can be done in person, by mail, online, or through a third party like Guroo Asia. Always keep in mind, however (especially when trip planning), that every time you leave Thailand then return, your 90-day reporting date is reset to your new date of arrival in Thailand.

Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. Familiarize yourself with the options that apply to you and get it done. Your future happiness in Thailand depends on it.

Section Overview

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  • 90-day reporting is mandatory
  • Immigration wants your current address on file
  • Report in person, by mail, online, or let Guroo do it for you
  • Use our fillable PDF TM.47 form
  • 200 BHT fine per day to max of 5000 BHT
  • Violators may be JAILED
  • Guroo Queue Ticket Service reduces time at Immigration
  • Sign-up for ‘Visa Alert’ updates


If you are here in Chiang Mai on a long-stay visa, failure to report to Thai Immigration every 90 days is definitely NOT the smartest move.

  • Violators are fined 200 BHT per day up to a maximum of 5000 BHT.
  • If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and get nabbed by Immigration with this loose end, you can GO TO JAIL.
  • Being late can make future visa renewals more difficult.
  • Once registered in default, if you’re in that category of people with maxed-out extensions and renewals hoping to re-enter, this violation may very well end up being the rock that sinks your boat.


While some foreigners on long-term visas don’t take 90-day reporting violations seriously, we believe that under this current, extended period of military law, it’s simply much wiser not to run afoul of Immigration regulations.

Evidence suggests there is a tightening-up of many aspects of visa regulations—including 90-day reporting—so your best advice is to play it safe. If you’re living here with limited options back home, the last thing you want is to find yourself deported with nowhere to go.

With penalties for non-compliance also including potential costs associated with (avoiding) potential jail time, reporting on time is one of those little things you take care of NOW so the bigger things will take care of themselves.


Visa Heaven 90-Day Reporting Map

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EMS Post Office

office-building Immigration Offices (2)

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90-Day Reporting In Person

Handy Tips

  • Begin practicing deep-breathing meditation 2-3 days before attempting
  • Trip to Immigration office required
  • Up to 15 days before or 7 after
  • Line up extra-early
  • No filing fees
  • Enjoy small talk for hours
  • Catch the odd total meltdown
  • No free wifi
  • Food sucks


If you’re idea of fun is going to Africa to out-sprint wildebeests across crocodile-infested rivers—or running with the bulls in Spain—an unassisted trip to the immigration office in person to file your 90-day report is definitely for you.

Trips to immigration can be a notoriously long and tedious process, so many who report in person choose to speed things along with Guroo Asia’s queue ticket service, or avoid it altogether by filing by mail or via a third party like us. Other than these (or if you’re late), there are no fees nor charges of any kind for 90-day reporting.

Just The Facts


Notification must be made no more than 15 days before and no more than 7 days after the 90-day reporting date. This means that those reporting in person can be up to 7 days late (reporting date counts as one day).

How it Works

  • Line up early
  • Obtain queue ticket
  • Wait for appointment time stated on queue ticket
  • DON’T MISS appointment time stated on queue ticket (= disaster)

What To Bring

  • Completed TM.47 form (type right into our fillable form)
  • Valid passport with departure card (TM.6)
  • Previous 90 day report (if previously filed a 90-day report)

How To Avoid It

  • Report by mail or online
  • Leave the country and come back in (vacation planning)
  • Let Guroo Asia do it for you!

Chiang Mai Immigration Hours of Operation and Location

(Turn smartphone sideways)

Promenada Resort Mall Hours Airport Location
Chiang Mai Immigration
192-193 Moo 2
Tumbon Tasala, Amphur Muang
Chiangmai 50200
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Chiang Mai Immigration
71 Moo 3, Airport Rd.
Tumbon Suthep, Amphur Muang
Chiangmai 50200
Main Phone: 053-142-788
Google Map Link
Closed for lunch
12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Main Phone: 053-201-755
Google Map Link


90-Day Reporting By Mail

Quick Facts

  • Do not send original passport
  • No filing fees
  • No late grace period
  • Use EMS courier, not regular post
  • Guard tracking number(s) with your life
  • No passport photos required

Hey! Wait a Minute Mr. PostMan!

The veteran resident expat’s method of choice (Guroo Asia’s preferred name is “Reporting by Courier”) since only a total rookie would attempt this using non-registered mail.

Since a proper tracking number is critical here, the best practice is to use the EMS Courier service available at your local Thai post office. It’s cheap, reliable, and provides that all-important proof for the worst-case “gone missing” scenario (remember though that reporting late is always your fault).

Those wanting even more security can also use Registered Post or EMS for your self-addressed return envelope to get a tracking number for that as well.

Once your package is sent, you can expect your new 90-day reporting receipt to arrive within 5-7 days. Keep this and a photocopy of your previous 90-day report in your passport as proof of compliance for future reports and spot checks by immigration officials.

Timing for Reporting by Mail

  • Notification must be received no more than 15 days before reporting date
  • Unlike reporting in person THERE IS NO LATE WINDOW ALLOWED

6 Things To Remember

  • EMS Post takes 24 hours to arrive at Immigration
  • Postmark must come from province of your address
  • DO NOT send your original passport
  • Unlike reporting in person, there is no grace period for being late
  • Make one full back-up photocopy of all documents included in the EMS envelope (just in case)
  • The new 90 day period is active from the date the report is processed, not from the expiration of the previous 90 day report receipt (applies to reporting in person and by mail)

Bullet-Proof Reporting By Mail

The Tools

  • Photocopy place for passport
  • Printer for TM.47 form (type into this fillable PDF)

Final Envelope Contents Checklist

  • Photocopy of passport photo page clearly showing full name, passport number, etc…
  • Photocopy of passport page with last entry stamp
  • Photocopy of current visa in passport
  • Photocopy of “Permit to Stay Up Until” (last visa stamp or extension) page
  • Photocopy of passport TM.6 (Arrival/Departure Card)
  • Last receipt of 90-Day Notification (Original)
  • Completed and signed TM.47 form (type into this fillable PDF)
  • Small, self-addressed EMS envelope with postage affixed

Things To Sign

  • All photocopied passport pages
  • TM 47 form

Post Office Check List

  • EMS large envelope
  • Small envelope (or smaller EMS envelope) for self-addressed return
  • Proper postage for small envelope (Post Office will calculate)
  • Receipt with tracking number(s)

Chiang Mai Immigration Office 90-day Reporting Mailing Address

English Thai
Notify 90 Days
Chiangmai Immigration
71 Sanambin Road
Suthep A. Muang
Chiang Mai 50200
Notify 90 Days
71 (ถนนสนามบิน) หมู่ที่
3 ตำบลสุเทพ อำเภอเมือง
จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ 50200


90-Day Reporting Online

Quick Facts

  • No filing fees
  • 5 out 10 rating on a good day
  • Not an option if less than 7 days before
  • Internet Explorer ONLY
  • Address on file must match
  • 7 days processing time
  • Burden on applicant in event of system failure

Rolling the Digital Dice

If you love playing with fire and just happen have great health insurance, Thai Immigration’s state-of-the-art 90-day online reporting tool may be just the thing for you (see technical difficulties discussion).

Internet Explorer Only

First and foremost, at the time of writing this can only be attempted using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, so… if by some freak chance you’re working off a Mac laptop, you’ll need to do this at an internet cafe on a nice old Windows PC with the IE browser installed (see map for known locations and advise of any others). Once there, surf to, get back on this page, hold your breath, then click here (it will open a new window).

One Week Window ALERT

In order to process the address notification online, you must file no more than 15 but no fewer than 7 days before the reporting date. If your due date is less than 7 days away, this option is toast and your remaining options are to do it by mail, in person, or through a 3rd party like us.

Address On File Only

Applicants can only submit using address information currently on file with Immigration. If the address you submit doesn’t match what’s on file, you will be red flagged for a visit to your local immigration office. If you’ve moved and attempt to commit fraud by using your previous address, you risk compromising your stay in Thailand if Immigration performs an address verification spot-check during the approval process.

Application Processing Time

Once submitted, your application will be assigned the “In Progress” status. It will take a full 7 working days to process (Immigration is closed Saturday and Sunday). After 7 days of nail-biting, you’ll then come back to check your online application status (as is typical of this IT epicenter you now live in, don’t count on receiving a simple notification email).

OMG! I’m Approved. What Now?

If successful, your application status will have changed to “Approved”. You are now able to print out the official receipt. Print 2 copies — keep one with your original passport and the other with a photocopy of your passport and visa which you should keep on your person at all times to present to Thai Immigration officials any time upon request. On the receipt will be the next due date for the next 90-day report.

Application DENIED or Not Processed on Time

Go straight to visa hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 baht. If the application is rejected or not processed on time, you’ll need to high-tail it to the nearest Immigration office and report with the following documents:

  • Original passport
  • Departure card (this TM.6 form is stapled inside your passport upon arrival — don’t lose it!)
  • Completed TM47 signed by applicant (click here for fillable PDF)
  • Receipt from previous 90 day notification (if applicable)

If you’re not already late, you can authorize Guroo Asia to do all this for you and avoid visiting Immigration altogether. If you prefer to go in person and want to speed things along, consider Guroo Asia’s Queue Ticket Service.

Cautions Regarding This Approach

As this reporting tool is still on shaky ground at best, Guroo Asia recommends the following:

  • Once you’re application has been submitted, keep checking in on your status
  • No matter what happens, it is your responsibility to ensure your application is processed on time
  • If for any reason the system does you wrong, the burden is on you (or a 3rd party like Guroo) to visit your local immigration office to complete your 90-Day report on time

Immigration Support Hotline

If you just happen to speak fluent Thai and don’t mind holding for hours, you can take full advantage of the Official Immigration Service Hotline by calling 1178 or 1111 (recently changed from the previous 1-800-Eat-Noodles).

Let Guroo Asia Report For You


  • Make an appointment to visit our office minimum 3 days prior to deadline
  • Bring passport (with departure card)
  • Sign prepared forms
  • 500 BHT (cash only)
  • We bring everything back to you!

Save a Trip to Immigration Altogether

For those with means who value their time and peace of mind above all else, Guroo Asia offers our premium 90-day reporting service.

Simply make an appointment to drop-off your passport at our office no less than 3 days before your reporting date and we’ll prepare everything while you sip on ice-cold water while scratching Guroo Dogg’s chin.

One Visit is All it Takes

Once complete, our friendly staff will call to arrange to meet you at your place of choice in Chiang Mai to save you the trip of coming back to our office.

It’s that easy!

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