Non-Immigrant Visas

There are 10 different kinds of Non-Immigrant visa. All are issued by Thai embassies outside of Thailand to foreigners wishing to enter the Kingdom of Thailand to study, retire, conduct business, invest, or a variety of other purposes.

There are 10 different kinds of Non-Immigrant visa. All are issued by Thai embassies outside of Thailand to foreigners wishing to enter the Kingdom of Thailand to study, retire, conduct business, invest, or a variety of other purposes.</p>

Thailand Visa


  • Appointment required
  • Valid for 90 days from date of issue
  • Can be renewed once
  • Extendable once for 7 days
  • Certain types (i.e. “O”) grant holder 12-month extension option

Upon issue, successful applicants have 90 days to get their butts to Thailand or the visa is canceled and a new application must be filed. Once in Thailand, holders of Non-Immigrant “O” visas (and a few “B” exceptions) can stay up to a maximum of 90 days.

IMPORTANT! 90-Day Non-Immigrant visas are single-entry products which means leaving Thailand for that quick little gambling holiday in Cambodia voids the visa. If at the end you require a few more days to get your affairs in order, an application can be made for a maximum 7-day extension. Once expired, holders of this class of visa must leave Thailand and apply for the same (or potentially different) visa option from a Thai embassy or consulate in another country.

We Love You Long-Term

Length of stay for standard “ED” visas is 6 months. All remaining Non-Immigration visas — including Guroo Asia’s Self-Defence visa — are all good for 12 months.

REMEMBER! Any visa solution which allows you to stay more than 90 days now places you in the “Long-Term” category. The price for this extended love affair is a mandatory requirement for all holders to report their whereabouts (address) to Thai immigration every 90 days. This 90-Day reporting business is serious stuff so make certain to learn the rules if you now fall in the “Long-Term” category.

Option to Extend to 1-Year

Certain Non-Immigrant visas (i.e. work, marriage, retirement, etc.) grant holders an option to apply for a 1-year extension to their 90-day visa with multiple re-entry privileges — a process which can be facilitated by Guroo Asia from inside of Thailand. For the complete range of extension services available from Guroo Asia, click here.

Type Purpose
Category “F” To perform official duties
Category “B” To conduct business/to work; attend business conferences; scuba diving courses; to teach kick boxing courses (Muay Thai) and massage courses
Category “IM” To invest with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries and Government Departments concerned
Category “IB” To invest or perform other activities relating to investment, subject to the provision of the established laws on investment promotion
Category “ED” To study, to come on a work study tour or observation tour, to participate in projects or seminars, to attend a conference or training course, to study as a foreign Buddhist monk
Category “M” To work as a film producer, journalist or reporter with permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Category “R” To perform missionary work or other religious activities with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries or Government Departments concerned
Category “RS” To conduct scientific research or training or teaching in a research institute
Category “EX” To undertake skilled work or to work as an expert or specialist
Category “O” To stay with the family; to perform duties for the state enterprise or social welfare organizations; to stay after retirement for the elderly; to receive medical treatment; to be a sport coach as required by Thai Government; to be a contestant or witness for the judicial process