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Free Alerts Right to Your Smartphone

Free Alerts Right to Your Smartphone

Anyone who has lived in Thailand for an extended period often gets caught up in this reality of ever-changing regulations, policies and initiatives governing the stay of foreigners in Thailand. Because of this, misinformation runs rampant. Let Guroo Asia keep you informed of new developments the moment we learn of them by signing up for our free “Visa-Alert Bulletin” today.


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Why Visa Misinformation Prevails in Thailand

When it comes to the subject of visas in Thailand, understanding your options and obligations can be particularly challenging as misinformation runs rampant. Web-based resources are either poorly presented, inaccurate or outdated (many times all three), including independently-managed Thai Embassy websites which offer non-standardized (and not necessarily the most up-to-date) information.

Google searches pull answers from large visa companies with thousands of pages attempting to dominate search-engine results but handcuffing themselves in the process for providing simple updates on changes in regulations or criteria.

For foreigners in Thailand, trips to understaffed Immigration offices are a thing of legend. Long lines, poorly designed queues, confusing forms, and difficulty getting clear explanations due to the Thai/English language barrier is the unfortunate status quo.

With winds of change now blowing constantly under military governance, you need someone local you can trust and communicate with easily to ensure this base is totally covered.