Chiang Mai Expat Community

A Vibrant Expat Social Community

A Vibrant Expat Social Community

expatchiangmaiChiang Mai has an incredible amount of social networking groups and communities providing tons of interesting options for things to do. The social communities in Chiang Mai provide information on the “how, where and when”, and arrange endless group outings as well as host their own social events.

Westerners in Chiang Mai have, over the years, built social and entertainment networks that allow you to do something new almost every day. Lana Cricket has used the Gymkhana sports grounds for over 50 years, providing a wide variety of tennis, golf, cricket and other sporting and social events.

One of the most popular local communities is the Chiang Mai Expat Club, which holds a variety of scheduled events and activities. The Expat Club requires a one-off 1000 BHT membership (US$27) and is a popular resource of many businesses that specifically cater to the expat and retired community. Not to mention the fantastic breakfasts and meals they put on at their numerous social events. The Chiang Mai Expat group really is your one-stop-shop to a new social network and introduction to people who have once been where you are and now openly share their wisdom and knowledge.

Local social networks in Chiang Mai include:

  • Chiang Mai Expats Club — Helps expats expand friendships and improve their quality of life. CEC is a non-profit social organization operating with a theme of “Expats Helping Expats” to reside safely and legally in Thailand and to adapt to and understand the local customs and traditions.

  • Chiang Mai – For people wanting to come to, already living in, or just interested in Chiang Mai.

  • Chiang Mai Digital Nomads — The premier site that connects the Digital Nomad Community of Chiang Mai. Referred to as “The Office” by site creator/manager Dan O’Donnell who created “The Break Room” for social posts by Chiang Mai Digital Nomads

  • I Love Chiang Mai – We all love Chiang Mai – there is a great files section with loads of information. This group requires a membership request to join.

  • What’s Happening in Chiang Mai – The primary focus of ‘What’s Happening in Chiang Mai’ is to provide a voice to those connected to Chiang Mai and social justice issues generally. We welcome posts that are of value to the audience advertising events and important news affecting our community.

  • What, Where, When Chiang Mai – A page for people, event organizers, promoters, bar owners, club owners to let everyone know what’s happening in Chiang Mai. Feel free to add people to the group, the more people on here the more we’ll know what’s happening in and around Chiang Mai.