NomadGuides Chiang Mai

‘NomadGuides Chiang Mai’ guide book (February 2016) comprises just short of 400 pages purposely researched and written for all Digital Nomads

The most comprehensive local information resource ever assembled covering every aspect of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



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A Master Work of Unprecedented Detail

The debut publication in the ‘NomadGuides’ destination guide series and the only resource that deals exclusively and definitively with the practicalities of living in Chiang Mai as a Digital Nomad.

NomadGuides Chiang Mai’ guide book (February 2016) comprises just short of 400 pages purposely researched and written for all Digital Nomads – not only those with ambitions to visit Chiang Mai for the very first time or those newly arrived but, equally, those already established here (for however long) who are keen to expand their own functional knowledge of the city and surroundings. Almost 16 months in development with a collective input of over 7000 ‘man-hours’ of effort, the author has laboured to provide the most comprehensive, in-depth, up-to-date, technically accurate, unbiased, value-adding subject matter ever written about Chiang Mai together with completely exclusive content (such as detailed comparisons of the city’s current co-working spaces, home broadband providers, mobile telecommunication operators and super-/hypermarkets as well as exhaustive checklists for viewing rental accommodation and for when moving on from Chiang Mai).

Complimentary Maps

Complimentary ‘NomadGuides Map of Chiang Mai’ illustrating more than 1000 Points Of Interest including currency exchange bureaux, food and drink outlets (cash and carry warehouses, day and night markets, food courts/food parks, speciality stores and super-/hypermarkets), foreign consulates, gas stations, government offices (such as police stations, immigration, tax and land transport offices as well as provincial utility supplier offices), health care providers (hospitals and medical clinics, optical stores and ophthalmologists, and pharmacies), IT malls, language learning centres, orientation points, post offices, shopping centres, transportation hubs, work spaces and just short of 650 rental properties (predominantly condominiums and apartments).

What Readers Are Saying

Below are just some of the reader reviews to date:

“A truly exceptional piece of work”

“The amount of detailed information packed in this book is insane”

“Exceeded my expectations by far”

“Answers every question imaginable from serious to fun stuff”

“TOP NOTCH work, incredibly well researched and detailed”

“Encyclopaedic masterwork in its detail and breadth…Simply incredible”