Help Making the Transition Easier


For those considering retirement in northern Thailand, Guroo Asia offers a host of support services designed to help make the assessment and transition to living in Chiang Mai easier and certainly less stressful.

Support Services

  • Airport pickup
  • Pre-booked short-term accommodation
  • Long-term rental lease negotiation
  • Property purchase
  • Orientation support
  • Introductions to local expat social hubs
  • Retirement visa application from within Thailand
  • Bank account opening
  • Health and medical insurance
  • Driver license
  • Grocery delivery
  • Roadside assistance
  • Maid cleaning services
  • SIM card

Come and SEE

Since retirement planning involves getting quality answers to important questions before big decisions can be made, our first recommendation is to buy a plane ticket and come see for yourself how much this city and region has to offer with respect to accommodations, infrastructure, cost of living, food, health care, quality of life and community.

Come and LIVE

If, like so many, you decide you love Chiang Mai and want to make this your new home, when you return to Chiang Mai we can help get you permanently settled in, including:

We’re Here to Help

Guroo Asia offers support with assimilating into the culture, visa reporting obligations, understanding Thai laws and regulations and general assistance for helping you get all the little things done while you adjust to an interesting new life here in Chiang Mai.

Click here to discover how Guroo can help you retire in Chiang Mai.