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Guroo Asia believes in creating outstanding experiences at every level of contact, whether you are a digital nomad, traveller, a retiree, or just settling here for any reason!

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    Evolution in Progress!

    Guroo Asia believes in creating outstanding experiences at every level of contact, whether you are a digital nomad, traveller, a retiree, or just settling here for any reason! Stay with us as we get a whole lot more interesting and improve our online experience for you.

    Contact our intrepid team on +66 (0) 6-5382-8845 or email us team@guroo.asia for queries or to book an appointment at our centrally located office.

    Our services, as Chiang Mai’s number 1 service provider, remain the same:

    • Visa Immigration
    • Housing Solutions
    • Support Services
    • Hire a buddy
    • Legal Service
    • Retirement Packages

    also ask today for anything unique that you need help with. We love to get creative!

    Team Guroo!

    Airport Pick up & Drop Off Service

    We`re Coming!

    VIP Arrival Service

    At Your Service!

    Accommodation Solutions

    Home & Dry in Chiang Mai

    Guroo Box Storage

    Under Lock and Key!

    Visa Services

    Voted #1 in Thailand!

    Driver Licenses

    Thinking of Driving Legally?

    Sak Yant Tattoo

    The Magical Tattoo of Thailand!

    Hire a Guroo

    We`ve Got Your Back!

    12 Month Self-Defense Visa

    #1 Choice for Digital Nomads

    Insurance Full Service Broker

    We`ve Got You Covered!

    Open a Thai Bank Account!


    Orientation Tours

    Getting To Know Your New Home!

    Guroo Asia is proud to partner with some of the most successful and visible companies, schools and groups in our local area including…

    English-Speaking Local Help and Expertise for Foreign Visitors and Residents

    Guroo Asia Testimonials

    Try it out and you’ll see how easy it is

    “Coming to Chiang Mai for a visit, a few weeks, a lifetime???
    Not to worry, the folks at Guroo Asia will help you out with EVERYTHING you may need to have an enjoyable stay. They provide English and Thai speaking professionals to help you navigate the ever-changing Chiang Mai.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have their help regarding every aspect of obtaining and maintaining a Visa while here in CM. Such a treat to not have to wait in line at 4 a.m. at immigration for your Visa updates, extensions or 90-day check-ins.

    They will go out of their way to make it work for you. Stress free and well worth the costs.

    Highly recommended.”

    David Berube

    “As a new arrival to Chiang Mai I’m in awe of Chris and his team.
    Despite very short notice and complex requirements they worked miracles to help me and my family to arrive comfortably and to settle in for our extended stay in Thailand.

    Whether you need a visa, accommodation, bank account, drivers license or even a scooter, this is the ONLY business I’d consider using. Their services cover everything for the new arrival and then they offer the on-going support at absurdly low rates. Totally professional and knowledgeable.

    Chris is a kind a generous man who really cares about his clients. I recommend without reservation!”

    Humperdinck Jackman

    Great Service that saved my ass
    I like to do things on my own, as an experienced traveler I almost never book accommodation in advance. It always worked out till now. But when I arrived in Thailand, all of the condominiums that I wanted to rent in Chiang Mai were suddenly booked out. So I was trapped in my hotel room and asked Guroo Asia for emergency help.

    With their help I was able to move into my new serviced apartment one week later and they took care of everything. You can trust those guys and they know what they are doing. I will recommend them to my friends who would like to come to Chiang Mai.

    Ronald RichterSmart Backpacking

    “The service Guroo Asia offers is one of a kind and is well worth the price. I was on an airplane for over 20 hours when I arrived in Chiang Mai. It would have been chaotic to sort out the details myself. Guroo Asia were at the airport when I arrived. Everything was in order and we even had a pleasant meal. It does not stop there…Guroo Asia is a valuable resource and continues to be helpful during my stay. Highly recommended!”

    Travis MartinSelf Employed

    A Life Saver
    “I did my research before showing up in Chiang Mai and all the blogs told me hitting the street was the perfect way to find accommodation. Imagine my horror when everything on my shortlist was booked.

    I messaged Guroo Asia in a panic and they got me a three-month contract on an apartment within the hour. They put in my deposit the next day and all I had to do was waltz in to collect the key. I wish I would’ve known about Guroo Asia before I flew out. Next time I’ll use Guroo Asia’s arrival service and save myself all the hassle and sweaty walking around town.”

    Lola DodgeAuthor of superhero romance: Temptress, Ivory, & Belle Fury!

    Godsend services. Thank you!
    I’ve been traveling a lot but never had the pleasure of having hassle free in accommodation booking before like this time in Chiang Mai. These guys from Guroo Asia and their services are extremely helpful, handy, reliable, and beyond what I expected. They know the city very well like locals and the difficulties you may face when you come here for the first time to help you avoid them.

    By the time this testimonial was being written, I was enjoying a coffee in my super comfort apartment, which Guroo Asia helped book it for me for a super cheap & unbelievable price, which you would be willing to pay for double the price or even more elsewhere, and ridiculously what you actually pay for Guroo Asia is not more than a tip for the bar girl you met in Bangkok. Plus, the budget pickup service made me, a poor banal looking nomad, literally feel like a V.I.P in the airport. Step down the airplane and there a beautiful friendly girl from Guroo Asia is waiting for you, waving you, takes you to your apartment, hands you the keys of your room and your motorbike which is already parked there for you. You have nothing else to expect, it’s really awesome for just a few bucks you pay for it. I wish there was a company like Guroo Asia at every place I go to but unfortunately it’s an exclusive for Chiang Mai, so you must not miss it.

    Don Lee

    Can’t Be Beat!
    “If you thought that you could successfully plan and execute a stay (long or short) in Chiang Mai on your own and subsequently realized that you were dead wrong, the folks at Guroo Asia are the ones to call to help you out of your jam, open the doors you can’t unlock, or simply just give you the sound advice and accurate information you need.

    I researched the other concierge services available in this city and quickly learned that none of them can match what Guroo Asia has to offer in terms of their diversity of services, their level of professionalism and their commitment to their clients. They’ve helped me in a number of ways that have made my coming to Chiang Mai simpler and much less stressful. I’m really glad I found them.”

    Robert Barth

    A Fantastic Service
    “I came to Thailand to retire and to start the place was very confusing. I was greatly informed about the place from the blogs on Guroo Asia. Using their service was a no brainer, I booked a short term place to use while looking for a condo and found the assistance amazing value.

    Now I am considered an expert on Chiang Mai from people I meet and talk to – all because of what I learned reading from this website. A Great resource, Thank You!”

    Robert YancyImagine Media

    Fantastic service & help by amazingly kind people
    Working with Guroo Asia was a wonderful experience! They are super professional and timely. We were able to rent a motorbike with ease from a shop and getting gas the first time with some guidance was great. They know Chiang Mai very well. We explored all around the city & the outskirts – I was able to visit local food markets and food stalls outside the city (30-40 mins out) and saw the temples that weren’t already full of tourists.

    It was a breeze working with them and I will definitely use Guroo Asia again when I’m back!”

    Amy Truonggenericdreams.com
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